Spooky Stories

share your experience with the paranormal :ghost::ghost::ghost:

here’s mine

I was up and night in the kitchen I heard my moms voice say “Kenny come outside,” and it was a strange voice something. it sounded wrong, but I decided to check my moms room and saw her sleeping and the voice was coming from the back yard and I saw two bright eyes. Then it disappeared, and I never saw it again. A few days later I looked up a skin walker and it was eerily similar to how it baits its victims.


one time i didnt get beta


A ghost possessed me, my friends and I were using a Ouija board and summoned a ghost apparently I just stood there staring blankly at my friends for a while. They had to properly say goodbye to the ghost in order to free me from the possession.


I thought it was you looking at yourself in the mirror


You said scary not deadly


WTF really!


Ah I used to have so many but now I barely remember any of them but I do remember one very clearly. I was watching a horror movie when I was home alone cuz like :raised_hands: logic :raised_hands: it was the movie, Mama. Anyway, the movie was wrapping up and it was the the ending scene where this scary looking person was trying to snatch up these kids so she can jump off a cliff with them and right before it got to that part, my power went off. I flipped tf out :joy: That was like the first time I watched any horror movie on my own and of course the power goes out. It came back on like 15 minutes later but I don’t know what caused it. It wasn’t fun lol


Maybe she wanted you.


I already got a Mom, I don’t want another one :laughing::joy: especially an evil one like that


Kind of a long one but whatever. Also disclaimer, I kind of believe in paranormal spiritual shit to an extent.

So, I 2007 my family and I moved to a new house in the middle of July. Apparently it was low on the market cause it was known an elderly person died in there.m, most likely if natural causes and shit but still kinda sad. Anyways, as we finally got the last few bins in, we finally slept there for the first time and it was one of the worst shit I can possibly remember. I don’t know if my other family members heard it and just ignored it but man, when I tell you there were so strange noses, I MEAN THERE WERE SOME STRANGE NOISES! I had slept upstairs and I honestly remember the floor creaking in the middle of the night and me sweating like a mf. Next thing I hear are whispers. Not even quiet whispers. It was like a deep voiced man was talking in the closet: I covered myself with everything I could and eventually I fell asleep. The next day, I’d comment the noises I heard to my brothers but they didn’t care lmao. The following nights, the noises kept continuing, one worse then the other. Like it felt as if there was someone trying to creep on us and really inflict some serious damage. I kinda cried highkey cause you can feel the summer breeze but also feel the cold in your body drop to your feet. I felt as if someone grabbed my legs from time to time. Probably from the fear. Eventually, my mother had a priest come in (cause mexican) and “bless” the place with some prayers and holy water :/. Parents were very religious and it was customary to do it so after that; the house wasn’t as frightening as it previously was.



oh now thats some spooky shit


Really! When I watched Mama I slept like a baby that night :joy: I might just be immune to scary movies tho


Woke up, opened Snapchat, saw that my girlfriend sent a photo.
…using the male gender filter.

Truly horrifying experience.


oh hell nooooo


I have sooo many. A ghost saved my life in college. There’s a spirit in my living room. I saw the little girl in the pool at the Queen Mary. We saw a chair move across the hall in a haunted abandoned hospital. I used to see shadow people in my apartment. I actually do paranormal investigations for fun too.

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One time, I didn’t feel my phone in my pocket…

Turns out it was in my school bag and I forgot I put it there 😭