Sponsorship in YouTube

There is New thing come up on YouTube the sponsorship option were you can sponsor money to your creators??
It’s almost like twitch what might the the pros and cons ??

Pros may be :
*Creators will get Some good revenue when there is less ad on Videos
*Encouragement to creators
*There are some who will start asking daily.
*Some will start computing With each other bragging and may also make Fuss about it…

What are your Suggestion?

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What? I did not know that, can you tell me a little bit?

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If you mean have the creators talk about their sponsors in their videos, the pros might be more towards the creator than their audience because of revenue. Unless it’s a sponsorship that someone watching is interested in or is willing to listen & learn about.

I would think viewers would skip the part of the video, which is usually about 1 minute or 2 talking about the brand, just to get to what the main focus of the creator’s video content is about. I guess it just depends on if the sponsorship is relatable to the creator’s type of audience.

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It Has Not been Given option to everyone still testing on Some YouTubers
But beside the Subscription button there will be Sponsor Button were you Can click and pay certain estimated amount

No mam I am speaking out there is a new option called sponsorship button were you click and pay to creators

Like the donations in Twitch, right?

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Yaaa absolutely

may i know where you found out about this?

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(Hydrologic press channel) or ( Beyond Press ) in one Of these channels or
In this Mumbaiker Nikhil
This is Another channel