Sponsored Super Chat (DM)

So recently I was re-reading my old posts here on the forum and after some reading I decided to put together a new idea based off another old idea.

What if there was a Sponsored DM type of chat? Where you’d pay a small monthly fee to be part of? Like 3-5$ per month.

Why would someone do this?

1- It’s a closer community of people that share interest in someone or something in specific. (E.g the forum’s Discord)
2- Bigger chances of being recognized by its favorite creator
3- Support to the creator

Why’d a creator use this?

1- Money (plain and simple)
2- Building a fanbase
3- having a community to support your project after previous notice of upload.

Why I wouldn’t do it?

1- It’s just a chat! (If there could be private livestream I would love it)
2- Having the responsibility of keeping a community alive ( That’s your work anyway¿?)
3- Huge creator’s Sponsored Chats could be madness, caos. Thousands of people messaging at the same time.

1- Having at least 10 thousand followers

Crazy idea and somewhat risky but overall I like it. It would be nice to feel like you’re part of something.
I know most people don’t like paying anything, but this idea it’s not for them, ohh well.



I know I responded on discord but ill make my addition of more ideas:
A limit to participants
An option to donate to a charity
Maybe not a monthly fee but a fee per chat (like $2-5 per hour long chat, refunds given if connection is broken)

But this is a rad idea! I actually really like it


Thanks! I’d go broke if I paid by chat :´(

I just think itd be hard to subscribe per-creator. Itd suck if I paid the monthly fee and then never got to participate in the creators chat because of timing, or if they didnt have one that month.

but there’s an app about psychic reading that costs 13-18$ an hour, tf

Wow that sucks lol

id be down to get on that idea

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Welp, me too.