Speed of the app

I wouldn’t call this a major bug but look at Instagram and how fast it takes to look to load photos on a profile even the vids pop up. Even tiktok is faster. It’s essential to increase the loading speed on the app

It ain’t appealing to see shit like this that takes 10 seconds or 15 to load and even when I click on it the video takes another 29 seconds to start playing


Omg no way I have the same issue it’s too bad nobody will notice this post


Same thing here on iPhone excerpt it loads for you eventually so you’re lucky. I haven’t been using it lately cause well… I can’t


Yes, I posted something like this some time back and someone said it could be due to many users using the app at the same time especially during corona season as everyone is at home. Once the apps gets a bit more momentum, I’m sure more servers will be added that should handle traffic better.

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The app definitely doesn’t have Hella people using it probably like 10k people maximum or less. The workers on the app are lacking for time had the same shit happening for months not even just me

If I remember correctly the byte servers aren’t on AWS?

AWS lets you easily scale your server locations and all that cool stuff.

the app is still working out the kinks, it’s a little baby, and with a small team it’s hard as hell to develop an app like this


Some investments give good profit and some make losses. Let’s hope this makes profit

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