Special YouTube upload for v2 videos

My idea: YouTube adds special upload section so you can choose to upload v2 videos easily and have to option to “connect “ all the short videos and easily make a completion of your vids from v2

For this idea to be possible YouTube whould obviously have to agree to it

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I like it, just about all apps have the option to share to other apps now

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Yes! Good idea, but I’m not shure V2’s goal is to spred there content on other platforms…

Yeah but it might help spread v2 popularity, since it would make more v2 vids appear on YouTube- so hopefully in return some people think the videos are funny or interesting and maybe would download the app

That sounds like it might come in handy

Yea this sounds like a good idea. It could allow the V2 content to get more views that way. I just hope it doesn’t create the issue of people beginning to solely watch v2 videos on YouTube rather than the actual app.

True, anyway, we are not the ones that decide

I think this might actually be a good idea when the app is first released but should be removed after a good amount of users join because turns out most people were just watching vines or compilations on youtube and felt that they didn’t need to download the app.