Special talents?

Anyone have any tricks?
I can eat a hotdog really quick.


I can cry myself to sleep.


All edgy 14 yr teens can do this.


Bet they can’t do it 3 nights in a row.


Now that’s a talent


I can do farting sounds with my hands


Damn, didn’t think we’d see so much talent in one thread


i can move my eyes in different directions, but it hurts a lot. i probably shouldn’t do it

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I can breathe better than everyone

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not to sound cliche but I’m a really good procrastinator. I’ve done it so much that it doesn’t matter what it is I can pull through & not just pass, but ace it it just depends though. One time I procrastinated studying for a test( like a couple hours before the final). I had no idea what was going on in that class & got a B on a final. Another class I procrastinated so bad that I had a low C (last week of school) but I studied for the final & finished with an A, so yea it’s definitely a talent I have that I hate, but appreciate.

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I can make cricket noises with my mouth that I would do more often on vc but the mics r sensitive to whistling sounds :pensive:

i can draw a bit and slightly beatbox :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:

Same, except i can do it with my eye lids and it doesn’t really hurt

I can solve Rubik’s cubes in less than a minute, maybe I’ll practise to be faster one day who knows probs not

I can talk to dogs, they don’t say much back

I can imitate a sheep and sometimes I can touch my :nose: with my :tongue:

I can walk at a medium pace while hoola hooping