Spamming old content on V2

So, my wife and I have this sneaking suspicion that people from the old site will use V2 to spam their old content. Is there a thing set in place that this will not happen? I don’t want people that are up-and-coming to be pushed down because of old content.


Maybe those people that if they were to spam their old content and it would surpass up and coming new content, probably moved onto something else such as YouTube and probably will try to promote that instead.

But in order for them to surpass new V2 content from new people, others would have to be on board supporting their old uploaded videos.

So if they don’t recieve much positive feedback because people might be tired of the old, new comers will have a much greater chance to “get out there”.


Maybe an upload limit for the first few days would be nice?


My thing is, people like what they’ve already seen. People still flock to the old content, because it’s still relevant and funny.

It’s a smart idea, but I don’t think it would work. That kind of hinders everybody from uploading content. Because it limits how much everybody can upload not just older talent.

That’s true, but with the new intentions of V2 not being the exact same as V*ne, people might be ready for a change of “scenery”.

But yeah… nostalgia can kick in and there might be an acc where there’s old videos uploaded however I don’t think it would be the main point of interest, at least for people in the forums :thinking:

Plus there’s plenty of compilation videos on YouTube already as well to get our nostalgia fix :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That is exactly what I am saying. If people want to watch the old stuff, there are plenty of compilation videos on YouTube for them to watch. :joy:

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I wouldn’t mind a few reuploads from v-ne, but I can see what you mean about spamming old stuff. We need new things on V2!

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Yes! Keeping it new! A new generation rising up! Opportunity!

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That’s a v good idea!

I don’t think there would be a way to stop it, it’ll be their content to do whatever with. It would be annoying if they did though.

It seems pretty closed-minded to try and limit people for wanting to share their old content. Why should we penalize great works that aren’t new in favor of new works? If something is great, it will stand on its own. Old, great artwork doesn’t diminish the quality of new great artwork in the real world. Why should it be that way on Vine? I don’t like seeing this attitude floating around these forums and social media already. Vine is what you make it. Don’t follow old content if you don’t want. It’s never going to be exactly what everyone wants.

People can do it but it will not be effective since humor, quality and editing changed over the years