SpaceX x Tesla x SolarCity x Neuralink Is Elon Musk Insane or a Genius?!

What do you think about Neuralink?! That’s highly ambitious, I’d say even more than landing us on Mars!
How long do you think linking our brains to AI would take? What obstacles could arise? People Did doubt his ability to successfully make the roadster And get SpaceX off the ground.

Are you betting for or against Elon? I’d love to know!

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Almost forgot about! :speak_no_evil:
But I’m not really that interested in his hand in paypal compared to everything else he’s working on

He is to the point where he can accomplish anything remotely in the realm of possibility. He has the resources, motivation, and surrounds himself with the right people to do so, and I think if he really wants to do something he will make it happen. As for merging the mind with AI, I believe we could have a working prototype of some sort of computer controlled at least partially by the brain within 10 years, and have more advanced merging like integrated smart control and embedded AI in 20-30, possibly sooner with advances in biotechnology and AI’s intelligence. However, getting it affordably to the masses and convincing people that AI won’t take control of their brains is a much larger issue than production and development itself. Most people are uncomfortable with Amazon putting smart cams in their homes, imagine how they will feel about AI that by as early as 2024 will reach singularity.

Also, don’t forget about Boring Company! They have a new $600 flamethrower coming out.

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What is that? Can you explain me?

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You’re so right! Also wouldn’t be too comfortable with merging my brain with AI, but It’s still something that I’m really interested in. I finish my classes this year, then I plan to learn more about AI and cloud computing… I dunno, I think I’d want to intern at either SpaceX or Neuralink next year.

Oh That’s true! :fire::fire::fire::gun:

It’s so amazing how much he’ll accomplish, no matter how what odds are against him.

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It’s pretty cool! Elon is developing a way to connect our brains to computers! Check out Neuralink

Do you think anyone will develop the tech we need to really explore the ocean? and colonize?

Lmao :open_mouth:

He’s insanely genius, he’s a very smart man…

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