Sounds length?

Is there a way to change the length of a sound you are using from someone else? Like if I only want the first few seconds of a 16 second sound, can it be trimmed? I could figure it out and my video keeps repeating with only a portion of the sound the second time.

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I would LOVE for this to be a thing.

I do have a current workaround for this, but it adds more steps than most users would like. It’s the only way to use an existing sound rather than uploading that same sound as your own … (that I’m aware of). This also only works for the beginning of the sound… I have no idea how to extract a chunk from the middle and maintain the original sound.

  • DL the byte with the sound you want to use
  • export that same byte to a video editor app
  • import content you are creating and want to use with the sound into video editor app
  • unstitch the sound and overlay on top of your content
  • trim to content to desired length
  • find the sound you want to use and upload to byte
  • trim off any excess of you haven’t already

The thought is you have already synced up the sound to the byte you are making using an external app. From there you are just overlaying the existing sound on top of your byte and it’s basically at the desired length already if you trimmed correctly in the external editor.

TL:DR - I forgot what I was talking about and just kept going. But that’s how I take existing sounds and sync the beat/cuts with to my own content. It’s also a way to make sounds loop (if they are longer than the loop)


Ya do what horndizz said for sounds. Otherwise the only option available is to play the sound over your video from the moment you start filming.

We wish we could

  1. Select what part of the sound is used
  2. If the sound loops, know when it loops so we don’t go over that time
  3. Move where the sound is used in our video
  4. Mix the volume of original sound and the sound we use.

But we don’t have those yet cough cough byte team cough


@horndizz and @Beeshrine thanks! Yep I ended up just saving it and editing it to fit. Maybe someday we get those features :thinking:

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I believe a major overhaul of the camera is in the works, most of the major issues rn should be addressed then.

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