Sounds Broken?

This may belong in the discussion about loops no longer working however it’s more so related to the use of sounds specifically. My apologies if it’s not in the right place.

I never really aim for my posts to loop perfectly. But just recently, if I use someone else’s sound or insert a sound from my device, there’s an audio and a visual jump at the end of the video. I have one video in particular where there’s a few seconds of silence at the end that wasn’t there when I posted the video. What’s posting is so different than what I’m seeing and hearing in my preview. And it’s super disappointing.

The music is a huge part my posts… I choose the music carefully with aesthetics and emotion in mind. A jarring end to the videos just makes it awful.

Is this going to be fixed or is this one those trade-offs that we have to accept for longer videos?

I don’t want longer videos and never have. I’m sure many other users would agree. I tried keeping my videos shorter and the issue still exists.

Whatever changed, ruined other features that were already in place and working fine.

iPhone XR
iOS 14
Beta User
Byte/Test Flight version up to date as of 11/10/20


@Reba_V Please check your forum inbox - I have just sent you a message.

Thank you!