Sound Suggestion

I saw someone on Twitter talking about how easy it is to screw over creators with sounds, by using their sounds without proper credit. What if when you use a sound from another creator, it automatically tags them in the description or comments?

We could go even further and say that after a post using someone else’s sound reaches a certain amount of engagement, the any new likes received are also given to the original creator. So if a post using that sound gets 10 likes, the original creator also gets 10 likes.


EDIT: In retrospect, the second idea probably would be hard to implement and wouldn’t work properly, but I was trying to think of new ideas. I guess there’s not much we can do but give credit


Credit is already going to be given according to Dom. I don’t like the likes distribution idea, but I do like the sentiment of it. I can’t think of a way to directly gain more traction for the original byte in a way that makes sense to me. Linking back to it is probably the best option.


If a video that uses another creator’s sound had a link directly to that creator’s video that the sound was originally from that would make most people happy (including me).

Not sure about sharing likes, though, or how that would even work. I think the link is probably enough so that the original creator gets the recognition.


Maybe if someone uses someone else’s sound, they get half a like instead a whole, and the original sound maker gets the other half :laughing:

I think they should introduce a new metric next to ‘likes’ similar to how you can see how many retweets you have on Twitter.

So anytime someone shares your video with their followers, duets, or uses your sounds it counts as one rebyte. When someone taps to see the sound, they can see the original video on top and all the new ‘rebytes’ following it. If you watch a rebyte, it’ll say ‘rebyte of username’ above the video description and they can tap that to go to the original.


Tiktok gave credit to original sounds by showing who’s sound it was in the bottom of the screen and then when you clicked it showed how many people used it (but the creators was always first)

The problem came when people used the sounds outside of the app and trip loaded their video- it would show as the new creators sound

Adding on to what @TomWho said, it would be nice to be able to manually credit a creator if you use their sound but the app doesn’t know about it. Which would happen if you downloaded the video/sound, edited it in an editor, and then re-uploaded it.

This happened with my latest video. The ‘no kiss kiss lips’ sound (lol). I cropped out a lot of it and now on tiktok it shows it as an original sound when it’s not.


This would have to be adressed, there are a lot of people on this app that use outside editing. At the same time, I see how adding it manually could cause some problems, but I think it would be the minority.

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Sounds as a concept (as in being able to easily use others’ audio) is something I am personally against but I think a metric to gauge sound reuse mentioned by @Rei could work.

EDIT: dom revealed this was a thing so nvm

I would also suggest the option to allow your own byte sounds to be used by others or not (I’m not sure if that was an option in TikTok but) which wouldn’t stop others from recording the audio outright and having it spread from there but such is the nature of internet content in general, and I just think the option would be nice personally.

I’ve done this on TikTok. If I use a sound from a video that I’ve uploaded, I search for the sound and add it to my uploaded video, but in the Volume section I make the original audio volume (of my uploaded video) 100% and the added sound volume 0%. That links to the original sound while allowing the edited video and audio I uploaded to be heard.


Smart! I forgot that was an option.

I think that’s a brilliant idea. If you are building a fab-byte and use many sources, many sounds and visuals to create the final product it would be great if the program could auto tag its origins or source to prevent unintentional plagiarism.

More time for fun creations and less time docu-working oneself to death.

This is a good idea. They could include ‘charts’ for the most used sounds.

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on tiktok basically when u click on the sound it shows the user who uploaded the sound’s username