Sound copying. Default off, not on?

Why is it default on and I have to select off if I don’t want it shared? Maybe a general ‘off’ or select a default off instead of ‘on’ setting?


I think most of us in Gen Z expect it to be on by default because of our experience with sounds on TikTok.

I also think it should be off by default. This kind of thing is not something you want to do on accident.


Is there a way to enable sounds for older bytes? I don’t have the update yet but I’d love for that to be an option.

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Not really. It’s just for any byte uploaded after the new beta

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I don’t think the older ones have the metadata. It would have to be added manually

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we’re working on that. once it’s done you’ll be able to edit and turn it on for any post (including old posts). once you turn it on you have 15 minutes for edits (name, artwork, or turning it back off) and then it becomes uneditable


Yeess! Thank you :pray:

If you used a sound from your alt account and then turned it off in edit its off for good? Only one chance to edit?

Edit: another question (these are to anybody with the new feature) do sounds live on if the original byte is deleted?