Sorting bytes on creator profiles

I think it would be cool to be able to sort a creators bytes on their profile by newest, oldest, most likes, most seconds, most comments, etc. in addition to being able to switch between a list and grid interface. Pretty much like YouTube has.

And maybe be able to choose a byte to always show up on your profile first, like pinning on Twitter.

A live feature like on insta maybe.

Stories would be cool. Everyone does that tho, so that’s on the bottom of my list of stuff I think would be cool.

Just some ideas of future possible stuff to incorporate.


I would also like if you could see all the bytes a creator posted to a specific category


I would love the option to separate videos by playlist like YouTube has. That way I can put all of my shitposts into one and hide them from my quality bytes lmao


Love these ideas Kaden.


I really thought someone was going to say something like, “we shouldn’t be trying to be every other app, we need to become our own unique app”, but nobody has yet lol.

Anyway, to that sentiment I’d say, yeah we absolutely should have unique things about byte. But we could also have some of that stuff too.


There are some good ideas here, but they have been suggested before:

(many live idea threads)

Please search your ideas to see if they have been suggested before making another one. If it has you can bump the thread. Just trying to keep things organized.