Sort by likings so everyone get equal loops

It would be cool if we can sort categories or popular page too from people who get more then 100 likes, people who get more then 60 likes and people who get more then 25 likes so in that case everyone get chance to get people to watch for example new people. Because all I see on all the categories are all the top people who are on byte, new people get only chance to be on spotlight. This is my suggestion.


There’s an option in every catagory to change to latest not most popular


Latest and most popular but the people who post while ago and get 25-30 likes are stuck I see them not getting past that


Obsession with engagement :pleading_face:


Haha :joy: no but like brother see if you go on byte imagine you are a new person and you see the category all you see is the old creators who gets more likes like us but what about the new creators they are recognised less for now on the app. That’s the reason most of the people who download the app, leaves the app.


Oh I see… you want an algorithm that gives more people a chance. Yes !


Yes sir exactly

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Oh, yeah… I actually like the idea too :slightly_smiling_face: (long-term idea)


Yes! I’ve noticed this.
If you joined byte late, it’s way harder to get the engagement that top people do. Not enough people go on latest so everything else gets buried.


I love the community as it’s strong but people who are not in the community they are stuck with amazing content but less views and likes. That’s the reason they leave


Eh… I think anyone has the potential to shine on the app! Despite engagement being low, long as the community continues to support small creators or creators on the rise it’ll help leverage em’.


I really like this idea of a toggle


I’m guessing this problem would be solved if there were more users on the app, at the momment nothing can take off or go viral. And an updated algorithm that pushes Random vids that have no followers (like tiktok)


Update algorithm is a good idea

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I know we are a very positive community and I generally am right on board with that positivity. Also, I have become friends with and have thoroughly enjoyed the content of many of the people who are consistently at the top of the different tabs. They are great people with excellent content and I don’t want to take ANYTHING away from them at all. With all that said, @Furkanaibani, you have an excellent point. The algorithm on this app is horrible. Not good…at all. For almost two months straight I’ve gone to bed during the week at 11:30 (I work second shift) and have woken up at 4:30 AM. Why? Because I want success on this app and I want others who deserve it to have success, too. So I engage, engage, engage…and give up a lot to do so. But at some point the algorithm has to help newer creators like me and not make them do ALL the work. That’s my opinion at least. As an example my “bread on the fridge” video was rebyted 18 times (about half of which were from creators with a big following), had 152 likes, and had 61 comments. For a creator just shy of 250 followers/friends, it’s my belief that those numbers are excellent and should have been helped out by the algo more. The video ended up with like 654 loops which is nothing to scoff at, but in the future I’d like the algorithm to be more improved to pluck a video like that out. It really didn’t perform too much better than other recent videos that didn’t have that kind of engagement. I’m going to cut this short because I hate sounding whiny. I just wanted to say to @Furkanaibani that I agree, I feel you, and to just offer up some words of encouragement…I’d say just keep grinding and doing what IS in your control. Continue to make friends and enjoy what you do, and give time to the dev team to work out the kinks to give everybody a fair shake at success. That’s what I am telling myself at least and so hopefully that is useful for you to read. They’ll figure it out, you’ll figure it out, and those who stay will be champions!!! Byte on, buddy!!


Haha yes but my friend I am getting enough likes like I am okay with my likes and engagement I am just saying about the new people who come when they don’t get the engagement they leave because of us you get me? I am just asking for a feature where all the category videos should be random like when you press comedy there should be an option of latest popular and random that will do the work


I made this same type of post a while ago, about new creators that don’t have the type of followers that a lot of big creators do have. I tried to think of something like a new creators category where they could only post one or two of their first bytes. Or something like that… I do like your idea with sorting by the likes, I do feel there is still a need the help new creators or small creators get their recognition or become discovered. I understand there are ways to find new creators that are fairly new but not after they posted in a while… I would love to see a way to where we could just find that new creator that is entertaining to us as an individual so we can follow that person and possibly rebyte it so other people can see it.


You are correct I want new people on byte to stay


Your numbers seem reasonable. I get less than 100 likes and it hasn’t been increasing for a while. I wouldn’t think it’s right to complain though because I see people with 10 likes.

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Oh, I’m not complaining at all with the numbers relative to my channel’s size. I’m saying the highest that video got on the Popular Page was #18, it was never on New & Trending, and it wasn’t on Spotlight.

I could be wrong but I don’t think I am as I’m now like 70 videos in with a large enough sample size to compare it with…but it’s my belief that video should have ranked higher on the Popular Page, should have appeared on New & Trending, and should have been considered to be on Spotlight if the algorithm was doing its job.

It is rare for a video to gain traction like that for a creator with a small following, let alone to get 18 rebytes from my fellow AWESOME creators. For the few times that it does happen, that creator should be rewarded for it.

Otherwise, the algorithm is telling new creators to choose quantity over quality if the reward is apples to apples…and quantity over quality, IMO, is not good for the success and longevity of the app.

EDIT: Those are NOT my typical numbers btw!!! They are just my numbers for that particular video that popped off. I’m happy with my numbers with each upload, but I’m happy with those numbers because I did the legwork to help them out. If I wasn’t so active with engagement and working my butt off, I’d never see those kind of numbers. At some point, I’d like for the algorithm to give me a little bit of help and not make me shoulder the entire load.

In one thread I told someone who was wanting old, big Vine creators to join Byte, why that would not be a good thing for us who are currently on Byte. I used the analogy of us sitting in the shallow end blowing up our raft and putting on our life jackets while a gigantic wave (old, popular Viners) is swarming in. We need our raft to be inflated and our jackets on (a decent following) in order to survive that wave. So we need time before the app gets too popular.

Using that same analogy, my raft would blow up a lot faster and give me more of a chance if I was using a pump (a helpful algorithm) rather than just my own mouth and hot air (my hard work/engagement).

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