Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Reaction: Oh

Uh oh.

Oh no.

What have we done?

Well, There is obviously a lot wrong with this trailer. Being that why the fuck did James Mardsen say yes to another movie where he, clearly, DRIVES AROUND IN A CAR WITH A TALKING ANIMAL?! WAS HOP NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU, MAN? Did you forGET THE ATROCITY THAT WAS?!?$?! Oh James, I love you, but why man? Atleast youre still cute as hell.
Ben Schwartz voices Sonic, which, really does not make sense to me. If you’re doing a character like that, I don’t think you need to replace the actual sonic voice witu Ben Schwartz, as much as I love him. Who am I kidding, the cast is lovable to me! Well, the main ones atleast. In fact, call me stupid to say this movie would not be great but ATLEAST enjoyable, by the trailer, It doesn’t seem that bad… except for literally any scene Sonic is in, I guess. But what makes this lovable in any way? Jim Carrey. I know what they are trying to do, it’s like with pokemon, try to make the characters look way more realistic, which is why Jim Carrey looks the way he does, AND I don’t hate it. It looks like we are getting back old Jim Carrey also, so that will be enjoyable. I feel like the best parts of this movie would be Jim Carrey, so that’s pretty… okay. The trailer overall? Pretty all over the place weird and basically makes Sonic look like an immortal by just stopping time and moving everything so whats the point of that? Already it seems as if he can’t be touched, in the Detective Pikachu trailer, we have an injured Pikachu being carried by Justice Smith, and a scene where he has to take on Charizard, this just looks immortal by all means. What threats would he have? Would he have tired legs after his 15th lap around the world? Thats sortof stupid.

If anything, Ill see it. Maybe it wont be boring, maybe it will be entertaining, or so bad its good. Thats all i hope for. Thank you for reading (:

  1. I’m happy somebody ATTEMPTED to bring Sonic to the big screen.
  2. I think Jim Carrey will save this movie.
  3. Because of Sonic’s current track record with bad games and internet hate.
    People will give this movie bad ratings…even if it turns out to be good.
  4. Detective Pikachu was AWESOME! I don’t think we should compare it to that.

lol is it bad that i kinda liked hop lol?


No because I loved it


am i the only who noticed the blatant toyota tacoma product placement?

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Hop was awesome. Nick has no taste lol.


Jim Carrey <3


Im about to make a list of my favorite animated movies of all time because of this SPECIFIC COMMENT!


:joy: i cant wait for you to bash all our faves

Nah, people have different opinions on stuff, so it makes sense if people sortof like a movie that other people might not like, and there might be people who also think of it as one of their favorites. Personally, I unironically like Incredibles 2 better than the first.

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(Warning: some explicit language)

As the (hopefully) iconic Sonic man of the forums and Byte community I have a few things to say about this trailer…

WHAT. IN. THE. F$#%!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph:

Like I DEADASS don’t even know how to feel rn.

Things I can confindently say I liked:

  1. Rings on the Paramount logo, nice touch.
  2. Jim Carey’s performance. Top notch as expected.
  3. Definitely nailed the spindash.
  4. Actual acknoledgement of the Warp Rings. Surprised many Sonic fans are surprised by this, we’ve seen in the cannon games those big ass warp rings that lead to special stages, hell even in the comics normal rings were used as teleportaion devices.
  5. The speed and action look great.
  6. That joke in the end about Sonic in the bag actually got a laugh out of me.
  7. Eggman actually will look like Eggman at some point in the movie. I just hope it’s not some bulsh*t end credits scene though.
  8. Ben Schwartz does a decent job as Sonic. Granted he doesn’t talk too much in the trailer noticably, he sounds just fine.

Things I disliked:

  1. SONIC LOOKS UGLY AS HELL!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_vomiting: Like from angles he looks fine, especially in motion, but in others his face looks hideously flat like he’s face f**king a glass wall! He looks like the new Grinch mixed with Rocket Raccon!

  2. AnOTHer ORiGIN STorY!? REALLY. Like this won’t completely ruin the movie for me and granted we never really gotten an actual Sonic Origin story for Sonic in the games, (the Archie comics and the old “Sonic Bible” do not count) I personally don’t care too much for movie adaptated origin stories mainly due to the reason that most, not all, but most origin story movies I’ve seen spend like 3/4th of the damn movie showing the character’s boring life before actually showing off the character’s super abilities in the last like 5 percent of the damn movie.

  3. It feels relatively generic seeing as it’s yet another “cartoon character gets yeeted into the real world to team up with some random grown dude” type of movie.

  4. Tom the cop, accoriding to the movie description, is supposed to be Sonic’s best friend in the movie. Is Tails a joke to you? I mean I know it’s an origin movie, meaning thus happens prior to before he meets Tails, but still…


Damn, maybe you should have written this review instead of me. This was well done. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Man this post was hilarious. I know you didnt intend it for that way, but man you really got to make a podcast. I’d love to hear these rants on my way to work. Also agree with what you’e saying. Never seen a video game movie that was ever good except tomb raider and even then I understand the doubts

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Looks more like a weird blue ferret to me :rofl: