Sonic Movie 2020 Review

Damn. I haven’t been here in a while eh.
Anyways, like millions of other fans of the blue blur, I went to go see the Sonic movie on opening night Valentine’s Day. Still single of course, but I made some new friends there. A dude next to me who’s a Sonic fan and has the same damn name as me! What are the odds?

Anyways, the movie itself… I LOVED IT. Like no joke, it was miles better than I expected.
The begining part with the SEGA logo was just straight up like a Marvel movie, instantly a plus in my book. I feel the way Sonic is portrayed in the film is something a lot of people including myself can connect to, as Sonic throughout the beginning of the film is shown to be despite positive, cheerful, and pretty chaotic on the outside, extremely lonely and depressed on the inside. You really feel for him in this film, especially after what happens to baby Sonic in the first few minutes of the film, as well as how much it’s emphasized that Sonic’s never really had social interaction with anyone, nor can he himself can ever really fit in due to his immense power. There’s one scene early in the film where the poor guy has a sort of mental breakdown due to his loneliness and frustration. Needless to say that scene in particular displayed just how dangerously powerful this iteration of Sonic is, as well as also kinda kickstarting the major conflict of the film.

Anyways, the amount of references and nods sprinkled throughout the film made the inner fan in me go batsh!t with how many things I could recognize. Like music from the games, places shown, hell even a reference to Smash was in the film. This one part in particular with reference to a certain crudely drawn Sonic picture meme… you know the one… definitely got a good laugh out of me.
Ben Schwartz’s Sonic voice… I love it. Has a nice mixture of Ryan Drummond (one of Sonic’s previous game voice actors) and Martin Burke (Sonic OVA) to it.
Jim Carrey, top notch performance. His 90’s self makes a return in this film, and in all honesty, he genuinely proved to be the perfect fit for Robotnik/Eggman. Hell there were even some point in the film were Jim deadass sounded like Mike Pollock (Eggman’s voice actor in the games since 2005) and I’m absolutely all for it!
James Marsden, I gotta say, I loved the chemistry between his character and Sonic. Has a real unique dynamic I can only describe as: “If Starlord from GotG had a chaotic, ADHD as f#$& teenage son and they went on a road trip.”

Probably my only major gripe with the movie is the length. The film’s only 1hr 38min, so while not bad, still kinda short. And it didn’t help that the trailers practically showed a majority of the film. Hopefully they’ll improve upon this in the sequel and bump up the length another hour or so. I’d say 2hr 30-40ish minutes would be a good length.

Also Sonic does the Floss… twice.
That’s no good.

I give the film an 8.5 out of 10.

Also one thing to add. The mid end credits scene, when a certain somebody was revealed, the entire theatre went f%$#ing berserk! Like it was legit a Marvel/Smash reveal type moment. I was not expect that amount of hype. T’was truly an amazing experience.


SAMEEE! I really did enjoy the film (and I’m glad I did because I was kinda worried not gonna lie), Sonic just felt like………Sonic lol. Haven’t really been the biggest fan of how he has been portrayed In the games as of late (blame that on Rodger), but in the movie Sonic feels like how he is supposed to act, a 15 year old kid! I honestly thought I was going to hate the human companions (because they always suck in these kinds of movies like Transformers and Smurfs) But I actually enjoyed and didn’t mind James and Tika’s characters, and Jim Carrey was incredible! I’m really happy to see the film do so well, and I truly hope we get a sequel, because oh boy that end credit got me EXCITED (who knows who else they’ll end up putting in the sequel)! It’s crazy to see how this film did a complete 180, it’s amazing really.


Oh, and Sonic flossing is iconic boi! :triumph: :100: :fire:

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6.8/10 :man_shrugging:t4:


After seeing that mid-credits scene, this movie better have a sequel. :sob:

Personally 10/10.
Normally: 7.5/10


The movie was cute and brought out a few smiles on me. Though rushed and felt at times budgeted, I couldn’t help but feel that some care was actually put into it. It’s a 7/10 in my book


Benjamin Valic reacts to my Baby Sonic IG stories because his fans are really good for the film!!

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Just saw it with my 5 year old son. He loved it, and it’s so good seeing Jim Carrey chew up the scenery again. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m ready for the next one.


Can’t believe I’m getting FOMO over a Sonic movie cause now I want to see it. Thanks for your reviews :raised_hands:t5:!


I haven’t seen it yet because I don’t have time to go to the cinema lately but I probably will go see it and BoP this Sunday since I have some time off. I love Sonic and SEGA, because the games and the shows were my childhood. I’m super hyped.

Not expecting it to be an amazing movie or plot, just some cause for nostalgia and a fun watch, like the LEGO movies.