Something we don’t want, but will be out of our hands

There is one thing I don’t want to see on ■■■■■■ that was on the first app that is out of the hands of the developers of the app: Vine Trends.

I’ve hated vine trends on the first app. It was just something where all who were Vine famous with millions of followers were lacking original creativity. They do it just so that they can get their likes and revines that usually help them make money.

It’s annoying and I can only wish we won’t have to go through that in V2. Instagram already have its own “Instagram Trends”. Let that stay there and not spill over to V2.


I disagree. Vine trends gave small vners a chance to get noticed under the trend. I did it a couple times and I think 2-3 of my vnes got on the trending category, which as someone with 900+ Followers it gave small vners a chance to be seen…but that’s my opinion


I think trends could be used well, but that might be too much to ask.

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Not talking about those who started them. I’m talking about the comers with millions of followers (as mentioned in the thread) overdoing them.

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But the ppl who were innovative with those trends got noticed but i get wht ur saying its a trade off basically either small viners will have there changes decresed of being noticed by the masses or big timers will over due it thus killing the trend

I think that just like YouTube trends can give smaller creators exposure, so can v2 trends. I think they’re actually pRetty diddly darn fun