Something needs to be done about loop count

I like these new longer bytes but something that ends up happening is there are bytes with 20+ likes with 1-5 loops on the counter. I think the loop counter worked very well with the shorter bytes, but as the videos get longer, it’s less likely someone will sit all the way through to watch it repeat. I don’t have any suggestions to improve this, but I think maybe there should be a rework to how the loop counter works.


While, I do think it would be nice to see views instead of loops for longer bytes, if people aren’t sticking around to see a video loop at least once then the content creators need to consider either:

  • Using the extra time more effectively
  • Making their videos shorter

So the loops counter is not registering by not watching the whole byte! They should have it to at least register at 8 seconds or something at the minimum.

Pretty sure it registers a loop if you watch halfway.
Update: actually maybe more like 80% I just tested it


Yeah, I’m noticing likes on my videos that are more that the views.

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I think that’s just the risk of making a longer Byte. If it’s not keeping people hooked most of the way through, I don’t think it should get a loop credit for effort. Hopefully we eventually get more detailed engagement metrics so we can see where we lost people.


I’ve only made 1 video that is 16 seconds and it has about twice as many views as likes. Which is a much higher ratio than my videos that are shorter and the overall views compared to another byte that did just as well likes-wise is about half as many. I think with music bytes like yours sometimes people are unfortunately more impatient but I don’t think that’s necessarily a reflection on how good your byte or music is. I wouldn’t stress too much about it.

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i thought it just loops after each view? not halfway or 80%

Nope there’s definitely a certain amount of the video you have to watch before it counts

I try not to look at stats, since I do this for fun. However, this problem can easily be remedied by devising a doper post. It has been said that QC is an issue many viewers have with the app. In many ways, this is an honest way to see if the content is good.

Make dope posts, correct the loop versus like ratio.


I didn’t realize the 80% completion thing so that’s definitely good to know. I don’t notice this issue on my bytes (maybe because people watch multiple times to find the loop?) I feel like it’s more of an issue on bytes with animation where it’s not clear at first where the loop ends.

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:point_up:t5: I’m just gonna like and comment under this response right here. :+1:t5::joy:

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Correct. This is also serves as a reminder…you can still do 2,4,6, 8 second loops. No shame. If it’s good. It’s good!


Lol yeah personally I end up watching yours all the way at least once bc of that😅

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