Something like Snapchat Community Lenses: VLens

Snapchat has created community lenses which shows off some of societies most popular memes and filters to add onto your videos. Some of these are made by Snapchat themselves or by community members and they are completely open to the public.

Vine was a creator of these social “phenomenon s” and I would love to see V2 give artists the ability to make these sort of “lenses.” To add onto their creations. You could easily add the line, “What are those?!” Or other popular vine memories that came from vine or originated on V2. It gives creators a lot more editing capabilities within the app.

Just thought this would be a fun idea.


I made a topic about that awhile ago referring to Augment reality. I’d also love to see this in the app!

I don’t think it’s a good idea…
v2 should be true to itself. having too many features would make the app hard to use
and buggy. let’s the Lens thing be with Snapchat herself.

This could be vary, very cool. But will make the app heavy.

Snapchat is a pretty easy to use app from the very beginning. When you first open up the app it’s pretty simplistic but by holding the screen you open up more options for you to use. V2 could make the same thing just with it showing off the simplistic side and allowing you to access more if you want to.

That’s a great idea

I mean I love snapchat, but I think too many apps are already redoing this and v2 should stick to being it’s own thing and the videos themselves will be enough

But in what way could it be usefull? That will just mean that there will be a thousand same 6s loops