Something I like about Byte is it's the one social media that doesn't make me angry all the time

I feel like most social media is built around that little high you feel when you see something that just makes you angry or sort of bait you into a conversation.

I’ll wake up in the morning and I’ll go through twitter or reddit and keep scrolling until I find some sort of jackass saying some sort of upsetting thing…or a scary provoking headline that makes me feel just a little anxious.

I don’t get that with Byte. I scroll and I scroll and I scroll and I just see people’s personalities. Hundreds of people putting on a tiny 16-second show for the world. I really like that.

I think that it’s one of the reasons I keep going back to Byte is that there’s something about it that feels very constructive. And community-oriented, and hope that as it grows that aspect of it continues to bloom.


:pleading_face: beautifully stated. Same. :revolving_hearts:


Yes. This.

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this looks like elaborate propaganda to stop the lengthening of byte durations i’m onto you :eye:

but yeah i agree. there’s just something so raw about byte (and i have that on tiktok too), but its a lot better on byet imo (tt tends to be raw but fake at the same time if that makes sense)


It’s why I’m here, and am posting less and less on other social media.

I’ll go on twitter to stay connected with friends and news and biz, but then I come to byte as a detox.


this seems really depressing i’m ngl