Someone Posted a Video Titled "Why Byte (Vine II) Is a Flop" On YouTube, and It's the Most Annoying Video Ever

I was at the gym at 4:30 this morning and scrolling through Byte to show some love to people when I had the sudden urge to check out if the Byte compilations up on YouTube were getting some traction. After all, allowing the app to grow through word of mouth as well as compilations from social media are equally important for the app’s community growth. 10,000 views on the first one posted a week ago! I was happy, but only for a second. To my dismay, right below it, was a video titled “Why Byte (Vine II) is a Flop,” created by a YouTuber by the name of BenOfTheWeek. He as 100K subscribers, and the video currently has as many views as the Byte Compilation, 10K.

So, maybe he had some good points, I don’t know. I wanted to watch it to see if he brought up anything good, I shouldn’t be quick to judge, right? Let’s dive right in.

Right off of the bat, every other sentence is just a cringy zoom-in with a one-liner or some images. His energy is, I don’t know, genuine? He definitely seems like an energetic dude, but he is completely ill-intentioned. More on this later.

He says in the beginning of the video that it’s clear hes a “TikTokker,” but that he’s also the “Best person to talk about something like this” because he’s apparently been a huge fan of Vine and has been waiting for Byte to come out ever since Vine died years ago. He states he’s been following Dom’s announcements, any Twitter hype, everything, and as soon as it came out, he downloaded it, and it was apparently late at night, so he uploaded “something, whatever,” just a dance from his camera roll and then went to bed.

Only to wake up the next morning and see that he had apparently accrued over 10,000 “views” (not loops, where, on the first day, videos played endlessly without pause). He seemed very troubled by the comment section where people were telling him to take his content and get it off of Byte, just some cringy strobe light dance that every Tik Tokker and their mom loves. This eventually turned into a big rant of the “haters” and then I just stopped watching from there because I couldn’t stand his voice anymore. He genuinely claims that all of Byte’s community is a bunch of late 20’s or 30-year old lonely toxic people and calls us “Farty,” whatever that means.

My critique. Well, for one, Byte literally came out for not even 24 hours and the algorithm was as bare-bones as it gets, so it’s only natural that something with 1. Lots of loops and 2. Lots of comments makes the popular page, which was a natural product of everyone flaming him for clearly posting a dancing TikTok and being upset that it got onto Byte’s popular page. He spent this entire video calling out particular Byters’ names from the comments who told him to NOT post TikToks on Byte, and had the audacity to stretch it out to the ten minute mark for ad revenue. This is someone who took advantage of Byte’s earliest stage (heck, dude, it hasn’t even been two weeks) and is flaming both the app and its community because he literally posted a TikTok onto Byte and it got popular due to a primitive algorithm,just for ad revenue and to bring traction to his channel and cause drama. These aren’t the words of someone who “Was a big fan of vine” and wants it to come back like he claims, these are the words of someone who wants to see Byte burn down because his Tik Tok strobe light lip sync dancing won’t give him fame on Byte. This is some kid who got his ego hurt and is now using people’s backlash to spin the app in a bad light, telling his fans that both Byte and its community is garbage, when he’s just offended his dancing won’t give him constant praise anymore.

Basically, his major argument, and I quote, is “A lot of the things feel really forced when it’s been dead for so long, and they’re trying so hard, and it’s just NOT working.” Well, duh, if you judge an app by posting a Tik Tok AND on its first day of release, you’ll probably think that. That, or if you make your entire claim that the “App is dead already” because you’re mad that people are judging you for posting a TikTok, which already a lot of the Byte community doesn’t agree with because of Chinese Censorship Laws, Muslim & Citizen Internment Camps, or Hong Kong’s Freedom (me included), then you’re far from the “Best person to talk to” about Vine like he claims, let alone Byte, which is in its humble beginnings right now. Imagine if someone made a YouTube video titled “Twitter is garbage” and all they did was post a video of them on AOL messenger and they came to the conclusion that Twitter was terrible after its first day in the App Store.

Now, I’m not telling anyone to incite violence, flood his channel with dislikes, or just be mean in general. That’s not what this community should be about. As funny and memey as “Anti Tik Tok” jokes can get, we’re not going to stoop to their level, it’s mostly purely a comedic thing. But at the same time, it’s just not cool to use your YouTube platform to completely dunk on a humble and early-stage app for no reason but for ad revenue and to stir the pot, further causing discourse into people’s views on this app and its community. And in such an upbeat, happy manner, like he does? With no substance to his argument? It’s infuriating to say the least, and the fact that he chalks it up to just jokes and is laughing at us makes it a lot worse.

Rant over. I’m going to bed now.

Edit: Forgot to link the video. Watch it for yourself! I left a comment nicely critiquing his video.


Honestly man really enjoy the way you write! Might check the vid out :blush:


Well, Ben is kind of annoying but that’s literally the point of his videos. He is annoying on purpose. And I don’t want to sound like a defensive fangirl lmao. I almost never watch his videos. Anyway, I’m sorry if someone was offended by it. He wasn’t being mean about the app, most of his videos are just a joke and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Sorry if it left a bad impression…


I watched his YouTube post a few months ago… You said all the things I was thinking and I agree with you man.

That’s what I was thinking!! Hmmmm…


I won’t go off on him (I wanted to 5 months ago but I didn’t)

Like I said thank you for you posted man. It calmed me down.