Someone is pretending to be me!

Ok, so I found this account pretending to be me, pretending that this video is his,

(Here’s the tweet:

I don’t know why they are doing this but please report this account as they are pretending to be Byte too.
Also I want to show proof that this is not me but I don’t know how yet.
Please report this account for impersonation, thanks.
Thank You


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Wow, some people really don’t care, do they? I don’t have a twitter, but if this gets attention the account will probably get taken down. Sorry that happened to u!!


Please report this account of impersonation so we can ban his fake a$$

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thats so bizzare that an account with some followers tweeted out your video and asked people to like it…

Sucks dude, i bet a few people probably clicked it!!:angry:


Why would they act like you out of everyone haha


They aren’t impersonating Byte



But they say we

Doubt what?

(Sarcasm or not) I think it’s because of my low reputation atm

Changed to #off-topic.

I’m sorry that this has happened to you, I’ll report it if I can. By that, I mean I’m busy. I know how to report things lol.

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Btw, did someone on discord say Byte is getting delayed till 2020?

Just be happy. Free promo.


Ooooh dang wth?

I haven’t been active on there, so I haven’t heard such things. I hope not, though.

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It is not true. A fake byte twitter page took the @v2app handle and is now using it to spread fake news…