Some thoughts on DMs

Been seeing a lot of thoughts on DMs. Compiled top points in favor of and necessary settings! @dom

DMs allow you to:

  1. Share an artists content. This builds fandom around someone else’s content which is healthy for the platform as it boosts engagement. Subsequently, this also allows you to connect with friends.

  2. Build relationships. Whether you’ve shared a piece of content or met someone in the comment section, DMs allow you to build a connection with a person.

DMs should:

  1. Have consent from both parties. This means there should be certain DM settings. Such as automatic setting of mutual follow to DM, and also the ability to opt-in to open DMs.

EDITS: Ideas Added Based Off Replies**

  1. Ability to screen/read DMs if your DMs are open, and then subsequently delete. (Thanks @jennifer)

i think these are all spot on ideas.


yeah i agree, i think that’s part of privacy etc. and there should be spam filters


I think this is part of the mutual follow aspect, so hopefully it separates out spam. But if DMs are open then definitely.

oh and congrats on your first topic :slight_smile:


No like if someone that is not your mutual dms you, depending on what they say it should be checked through a bot, especially links, give us a preview and photos/images blur it out until we accept or choose to view.


If your DMs are open, and a non mutual DMs you? Totally agree. Some sort of spam filter.

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also if an account is new, it should not have the ability to dm x number of people if they’re not mutual to decrease bot use


Like if there are certain keywords “follow” etc.

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You don’t have to worry about DMs if everyone is on the level. Stop trolls and things will be fine

Love all of these ideas

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bumping this for relevance

Vine DMs are where I made most of my vine friends. I really liked the open nature of them so you could message anyone. I think there should be an opt in for open DMs like twitter has. Also groupchats but I feel like thats a given

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A Chat Feature for V2

Considering that V2 is a social media platform, I wouldn’t consider abnormal for it to have a chat feature. Actually, I would consider it abnormal if it didn’t have one.

How would this chat feature work?

My idea is similar to that of other applications, either a top corner menu button or a tab at the bottom of the screen with a mailbox symbol or a paper airplane symbol. Chats would be a great feature to have if Artist want to keep in touch with each other without having to distribute their personal info. This can help create group collaborations and bring people closer together, even the community!

Features of this feature

If one ends up being a popular user, it can be a hassle having to go through a lot of DMS/chats in a day trying to find the one you actually want to see, that is why I want to implement one important feature:
**“Only Artist you follow can message you.” **○

This little feature can change the way the app works completely, big time Artist will now only be able to talk to the people they really want to talk to. But don’t worry, this feature can be enabled for the small beginning artist too, or even if one just is a small artist!
At this point, everyone knows that the majority population hates spam mail, so why have spam in your inbox?

But what about the little guys? What about the fans?

I also want to propose the idea of a fanmail/fanbox tab for Artist, small or big. This allows the Artist to see the small messages or big ones that have been sent to them by their Fans.
(On that note, since V2 users are referred to as Artist, I believe their followers should be called Fans)
The Artist can then interact with said Fans in that same fanmail/fanbox tab/section so that they can keep priority mail and fan mail separate and organized!

I do agree with sharing videos through DM. It will definitely slow down on the people who tag their friends in the comments and up the comments about the video. I have no problem with the tags but, sometimes I’d like to hear what someone actually thinks of the video.

Do you think direct messaging would be a cool idea for byte? I originally thought it was, but the more I think about it, the more useless it sounds.(Also, I know this has been suggested before. I’m just wondering if anyone likes this idea.)

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Yeah ik. I was just wondering if anyone thought it was a good idea

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I think it could be a good tool for people to connect easier like for collabs, but it would need to have measures to protect people. Just search next time for the topic and bump a previously made thread next time if you want to add to it so it doesn’t get cluttered🙂

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I actually think it is an excellent idea. Especially for purposes of collabing, meeting up, and socializing with people on the app. Often times my mutuals and I have had to use other social media platforms to communicate, because there is no direct messaging on Byte. Like @Maddy_lions stated, this has already been suggested and I think it’s probably already on the “to do list” for the Byte team.

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It would definitely be easier for people on the app to communicate. And just now I edited it stating that I know it’s been suggested before.

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