Some new ideas

Hi everyone, my name is Peter.

I have some ideas I would like to put out there that might appeal to everyone. Unfortunately, I represent gen z and would like to sincerely apologize for the havoc they are causing.

First off, sharing bytes should be very easy. Instead of the only two options of downloading the video or copying the link here are a few suggestions that should be implemented to make sharing easier

  • Sharing bytes through Snapchat
  • Sharing bytes through Twitter
  • Sharing bytes through Instagram or Instagram stories
  • Sharing bytes through email
  • Sharing bytes through text
  • (Please add any more suggestions)

This will help a lot with sharing the videos, I will admit I am very lazy with copying a link and sending it to a friend. With just one tap people can share it through other social media. This will help byte gather new people to the app when people can share easily.

Second off, adding a live stream to byte. This will help content creators create a bond between their followers and the followers get closer with the content creator. Also, implementing a donation option would be neat!

Lastly, the your mix page needs to be worked on a little bit as I just see random videos that I don’t even really like. Possibly it could be fixed by adding a dislike option on a video so the algorithm can better understand what you like.
Also, we should be letting hard-working content creators get more views and discovered more often. I see lots of funny content and people putting in lots of effort but they, unfortunately, get little to no views. I feel like this should be looked at so we can get hard-working content creators the recognition they deserve.

I feel like Dom already knows the main suggestions that people want to be added with the poll he added, so I just said some things that weren’t on it.

Feel free to suggest anything else that might help out Byte. Thank you for reading!


Thank you for saying that you are gen z and not into the havoc. Just that can help a lot these days.

I think you are absolutely right in the whole sharing thing. Copying a link was a great upgrade to the only downloading videos we had on beta, but if it could be improved even further it would make the app feel a lot more established.

I think a dislike button is coming so that Your Mix can be customized more to your tastes. They talked about introducing it about… 2 months ago? And I think with this new wave of users, the updates are probably gonna start coming faster.

I think this depends mostly on the algorithm getting better. Thankfully, dom updates us on changes to the algorithm in this forum, so we should see it improving!

Welcome to byte!

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I like that you can download videos easily in the share menu which I usually just save the video.

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Aloha and welcome :heavy_heart_exclamation: We are honestly so glad you all are here!

Here is a little trick for sharing on any platform if you are IOS. I have no clue about Android.