Some Moderation on the App Would Be Nice

Hey uh…

This is what I’m talking about when it comes to the brigade of alt TikTok. This isn’t humor. This isn’t funny. This is harmful. If your sense of humor involves making people feel inferior and dehumanized, you need to re-evaluate your comedy.


Did you report it?

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This particular user has left several comments. I can report one at the very least.

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Now that’s truly disgusting. I’m so sorry man.


Honestly, the way they act is just this


Wasn’t on one of my posts, but thank you. It’s abhorrent and it’s happening a lot. People are tiptoeing around the new influx of users because they don’t want to scare them off. I couldn’t care less: this is ridiculous and the fact that Byte isn’t taking a stronger approach to this brigading speaks volumes to how it values its user base. We were here prior to all of this nonsense. We don’t fucking matter now?


Hello how are u today

I miss the January moderation…
Remember that… all spam gone just within a thanos snap!

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But but my mental health issues mean it’s OK and if you have a problem then that’s on you :unamused:


I don’t understand their logic behind this:

My mental health makes me seek out victims to harm, and when those victims are harmed and talk about it, it’s their problem!


Yeah congrats you took your mental illness out on somebody else with a mental illness and now they’re suffering. You did it. You win comedy.


I mean, good for you. Don’t just bother us millennials, and instead go for the evil boomers. That’s what we’re also against with too.

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I’d like to ask the Byte team, do you think we’re just…complaining? We’re just mad that kids exist? Lol no. Nobody on this app is mad that gen z is on Byte. I already assumed they were here anyway. The issue is the bullying and the punching down in some new users’ “comedy.” It isn’t funny. Stop defending and downplaying this concern and take some charge, please.


I just don’t buy it anyway. “We’re alt, we’re progressive, we’re all lgbt with mental issues that are scared of older people because we’ve all been groomed and abused”. Come on… The behaviour is disgusting, it is not generational or excusable, it is just shitty little entitled brats.


Sorry, sarcasm. I’m 32 and never been on tiktok :v::joy:

Ah! You got me lol

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Every generation has issues with the younger ones. This isn’t insignificant though. Nobody’s getting mad at the “kids” for listening to new music or valuing new art. Nobody is calling out Gen Z for trivial interests or differences. This is about abusive behavior, and a brigade of it at that. Do something about it, Byte.


byte is growing at an insane rate so it may seem a bit undermoderated for the time being however the team know what they are doing so i have no doubt it is only a matter of time before they bring on new people to help with the moderation of the platform

the best thing you can do in the mean time is report it and not give them the attention they want so badly


I’m personally avoiding interacting with them but it is still disheartening to witness it happen to others. And yes, understandable about the Byte team, but I haven’t seen ANY official response about the brigading. I have, however, seen moderators make light of the situation and act like we just need to get over it. Seriously?



no one could have anticipated this sudden influx and i think the team are just trying to do their best under intense demand but as long as we hang in there and just continue to try drain out the negativity with positivty then it will all pay off in the very near future i am sure

in dom and the team we trust :slight_smile:

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