Some ideas

  1. The option to show followers on your page , i say option because i know some will don’t want others to know how many have so Cuz of self esteem stuff , but others would like to display how far they’ve come

  2. Like hundo ,i like the idea of longer videos , Ofc ppl can still do 6seconds if they want to, maybe even have a separate channel for them i don’t know, but i know there’s ppl that don’t wanna limit their creativity like that

  3. Better display for our profile pages, like right now i think you can only scroll down to see your older vids , it would be cool if there was a option to display them in rows …ooh and what if we could have headers or banners that we could design !..OH NVM I SEE WE HAVE THAT ALREADY

4.A stronger algorithm that would give more ppl a chance , i remember on vine there was a channel for the main stuff that’s popular right now and a channel for what’s becoming hot. Idk i would like to hear y’all ideas on a algorithm cuz I’m not sure

  1. DMS so we can keep up with our followers on the app

  2. A favorites button to save certain videos in its own space

I feel like all these things would make for a really good app for video creators , i ain’t really had much original never before some ideas cuz that’s honestly so hard to think of lol and i know some ppl don’t want things other apps have , but if we don’t have them , ppl just gonna get uninterested and leave ,we just in more advanced times now and used to these amazing feats


Man, I would love a favourites section


You can already see peoples videos in rows, it’s right below their description on their profile.

I have this feature. Maybe it’s in the beta and will be coming to general public soon :thinking:

Edit: nvm just look at the comment above to find this feature :v:t2:

And i think the 16 second limit is as high as it should go. I think it encourages more creativity actually rather than inhibiting it.

Appreciate that bro! That was actually really bothering me lol

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Naw i just didn’t see it , my bad

I think you over estimate the creativity of byters Kappa

For real though, 16 seconds is plenty and if you are one of these people that can muster up longer content then why not just work a bit harder and make some proper video content on YouTube or something? Let Byte be Byte.


This supposedly will come at some point, the concept of follower display was there even before the app launched in beta. I’m guessing they still plan to do it, and actually think they promised it for one of the next updates? can’t remember right now

Now that the app is going to have pretty much every feature tiktok has, I think this would be a nice compromise for those of us who spent two years following and supporting this project that started as Vine2. I’m very glad people coming from tiktok don’t have to loose the app they like, the way we lost vine. But it does feel a bit sucky that we spent years following vine 2 just for it to… not be anything like vine at all lol. A channel specifically for videos that are less than 10 seconds/unfiltered/etc could give us the chance to have a little bit of the app back, and it really wouldn’t take that much work since it would be just another channel. Love this idea!

You can already do this! In a profile you can choose to see it in list or grid forms

There’s a topic in the forums that gets updated every time they make changes to the algorithm, so I think they are still going to improve it now and then

I think the reason this was taking a long time was to make sure the team could make them safe. Tiktok was known for being full of predators at one point, and we definitely dont want a repeat of that. Then again, I might be wrong

I think this was also promised for one of the next updates!


Yeah but it’s also a box for creators who wants to have longer more thought out videos but of course ppl don’t gotta use it if they don’t want to

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all of these ideas are coming, it’ll take time and there are posts similar to your topic. (use a search engine)

@LittleDewDroplets answered :small_red_triangle:

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Byte already not byte since it became 16 seconds so that’s thrown out the window buddy :new_moon_with_face: i think the OPTION should be fine and YouTube is pretty much the hardest app to get started on and now so is Instagram with then wanting you to buy ads

Right, so these ideas are all based around your ego and want for fame. I’m with ya now :roll_eyes:

Yeah i wouldn’t mind having a platform to help me build a following so it can be easier for me to have my dream career and my goal in being able to help out my struggling family and others in need at all if that’s what a ego is! Ahaha ! BIG EGO GANG🙌🏾

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We need to have regional leaderboards that users can search continents, countries and provinces. I’ve seen it on Likee in 2018.

This is cool!

I’m all for longer videos, whether it be 32 or 64 seconds (if they stick to the byte numbering scheme). This is no longer Vine 2, and it’s pretty clear that very few people actually want to go back to Vine anyway. That was the past, Byte is the future.

It would be great, though, to have an option in the camera to do an 8-, 16-, 32- or 64-second video so that people who do want to do short looping videos don’t have to guess if they’ve hit the right length or not.


You get it ! We on the same page , the past really is the past, video creating has just evolved so much since then


Hey :wave: I’m new here and I saw that this may be the best place to showcase this idea :bulb:!

So I created this to represent what a byte update to the “Explore page” would look like. I am a graphic designer and would love that some form of this was implemented. So if the byte developers like this design or if you in the forum like this design please like it or contact me. An interactable one is available on the link us this password to get in. Bytersdontbyte1.

Thanks, The Dedicated Artist

@thededicatedartist or @couragemediagroup on all platforms


Hey post as it’s own topic , people need to see this Cuz this looks so dope forreal !

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