Some cool User Cards I made for anyone to use

yeah, so quarantine is really getting to me. so i found some nice images and played around with them on photoshop to fit into a usercard nicely like this:

Here they all are: (They look nicer when applied I promise)
carti usercard 1 LV Pattern User Card 2 LV Pattern User Card Yellow Black Stars Pattern User Card Black Red Stars User Card Blue Stars User Card

oh and if you don’t know how to apply them here’s a gif:

edit: i made some actual byte ones but they don’t show up when i edit them so yeah


sghdjsjd THANK YOU :heart::heart::heart:

im also open to making some custom ones since theres nothing to do

YOOOO these are sick


i’m using one thank u :pleading_face::pleading_face:


Woah that’s cool

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i really like the blue stars one so i am definitely going to use that, thank you for putting these out :yum:

What are the dimensions that work best?

I want to trim mine up some so the animation works better?

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Profile Header Dimensions: (WxH) in Pixels (px) :


Profile Card Background Dimensions: (WxH) in Pixels (px) :


It depends on the display though, because they are resized a little bit

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