Solution for looping exported bytes only once

I didn’t where to put this, so feel free to change the category.

Hi guys!
You might know the problem that, when you export a byte, it is looped. I created a program that fixes this. It is written in python and you can get it from here

Simply export your byte and pass it to the program - voila you have a byte that only loops once.
The Repository has detailed instructions, but feel free to ask if you need help with something.

Hope you find this useful



I know that not everyone has Python knowledge, but I guess this is the only option until @dom and team introduce an option to export bytes without loops :wink:

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It should be a #bug-reports or #idea

alright, changed it!

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just going to put this in #bug-reports, as it’s an issue within the app

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yeah, but it’s a “solution” (or a hack). So I thought that it might better fit into #idea

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You do have a point :face_with_monocle:


fair enough


well actually… what the export feature does is export as a standard video but its gives you 3 copies of the videos in the same file. Aka its takes your 6.5 second byte and redoes it three times then gives you a 19 second video. Theoretically you could in your Ios camera roll (not sure about other platforms) trace the extra 12.5 video away and have the byte you just upload without the loop which may be the teams intention.

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