Solution for crediting issues?

I noticed on the original vine that certain accounts were getting so many followers and likes just for taking other peoples videos/vines and compiling them all in one place. I rarely saw these accounts give credit to the people who posted these videos, and I’ve even seen them have their own watermarks, and even going as far to blur/cover/crop out the original creator’s watermark.
I know this might seem like a bit much, but I think there should be a place when uploading a vine (like where the caption and the channel selection were) where it’s mandatory to credit someone for the video.
some options i 100% think there should be in this section:

  • yourself (you wouldn’t have to type in your name, it would just show up as being original content somehow)

  • another viner (it would then prompt you to type in the original creator’s username on vine)

  • another person on a different website (then it would prompt to put a link there or something)

  • unknown (this would pop out more on the post than the other 3, and there would be some sort of option to send the poster something in regards to who made the post, and then they could properly credit them)

this would be a lot different than tagging someone in the caption.
it could be placed near the name of the poster if it’s credited to someone else, but if it’s their own content, it could just not show up.

i realize this is a bit of an unfinished idea, and now that I’ve typed it out I can see how this could get very complicated and messy. but I’d like to see some sort of way to make sure the people who make good content and art are properly credited and get the recognition they deserve.

please respond with other options that could be on the list or other ways this sort of thing could be implemented to keep everyone credited and recognized for their work.
thank you!


I think we’re at the point where embedding the original video and appending new content should be the norm. That could be via link/more info/actual video a la Facebook reshare w/ comment or Twitter quoted tweet. It would require starting from the original, though. Maybe a search feature for attribution could allow for it away from the original video.

Otherwise, a means of duplicate checking like MD5 checksum/video fingerprint would solve the issue you mention. Force attribution if original video found. Of course, editing the video in any way could defeat that.

The best way to stop theft, truthfully, would be to community police such thievery via devaluing such theft. Have community guidelines to discourage content aggregators who do not attribute.