Socializing on the app

I feel like every great app and something that will bring in and keep a lot of ppl is having ways to communicate ,maybe introduce DMS and groupchats onto the app so ppl can be social with one another ? I know y’all probably don’t want too many things on this app so it can be original but we gotta realize that having so many features is what grabs ppl users and keep them, byte will still be original with the 7 second concept :100: just making this Cuz i saw ppl didn’t like that folks were conversing with eachother through byte…EVEN THOOOOOO it’s not like ppl weren’t doing that on the original vine so i don’t get the issue fr, vine never had big limitations on what u could do on there


People have been making Byte videos tagging each other and having conversations already. I feel like the socializing is definitely there.


groupchats would be a super cool idea!! I have conversations in the comments sometimes which have been great, but having the option to DM would be awesome!


I talked about that in my post , but i saw ppl complaining about it so i suggested a idea of gcs and DMs


DMs are coming eventually. Gotta remember that the app is in it’s infancy (just 2 weeks of release!) and more features will be added as we go.


Yup. No complaints from me.


There should be a DM on the app so we can socialize with our fellow byters and plan out the next byte with them.

That would be lit

dms will come eventually

dom mentioned on the discord how they’d need to tackle the problems it’ll involve, such as creeps jumping into people’s dms & people with a large following taking advantage of their fans

not sure about group dms!


:rage: i just wanna b sure

Waiting for it