Social media professionalism

As we know there are countless people on Instagram, Twitter ,Facebook, etc. and the number keeps growing.

People have their own style and way of distincting from other creators and part of that is having social media etiquette and respecting people’s thoughts.

Not everyone is going to like you ,get along with you and, you even might have the statistical social media troll. Even then that’s when you push more and show them with action instead of commenting back. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. Feel free to tag anyone or ask me any questions on how to have professionalism on the internet, especially if you want to make it a career.


I just focus on myself and how happy I am. On positivity and on the future. The rest I ignore.

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@ItsMeJoseGChacin that’s what it’s about

As someone who struggles to stay professional on social media despite having multiple pages/accounts on a variety of platforms I find it hard especially with something I disagree with to stay professional.