Social Media Lottery

I know there has been some discussion on this board about “making it big” on v2. Well here is a little food for thought. Everytime a content creating site takes off there is always going to be people that cash in :moneybag:. It’s like winning the lottery except instead of random numbers that choose the winner, WE, the users of this get to pick who wins the “Jackpot”. Sometimes we reward individuals that display wholesome family values like the Eh Bee family while other times we reward individuals that undermine their humanity in their quest for fame. Either way the choice is ours.


I like that idea! They could also donate it to charity or help out family members that need it.

Interesting thoughts.

I meant that’s what happens already, everytime a new social media platform opens up. Some. " creators" get rich from doing stupid stuff instead of skills or hard work.

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Just stay humble :clap:t3:

Interesting, I like this.

Wow that’s a very unique way to think of it. Super true tho