Social media corrupts society - and why V*** was different

It has been known, right from the beginning, that social media was intended to be addictive. I mean, think about it. Imagine waking up to your feed and seeing that little red indicator over the alert menu that says “100+”. Isn’t that fun? It means that lots of people care about what you posted.

Or maybe that notification for a direct message is from that girl/boy you like who finally decided to contact you. How does that sound, eh? Eh? Eh?

Now, that’s no bad thing per se. If you earn success, then you have every right to be happy about it! But it’s not that simple, is it?

Why do many famous people, children especially, develop problems later in life when, for some reason, the spotlight shifts away from them? It may return to them later, but sometimes it won’t. They’re not ready for this, and the consequences are depression, nihilism or other mental disorders.

The solution is obvious: give yourself a solid grounding, spiritual, psychological and philosophical. You would think that social media is an antidote to its own problems - after all, I have learned more than a few things about the psyche because I’m on social media. But alas, this doesn’t happen as often as we would like, especially among teens.

Social media, particularly on mobile devices, is causing serious problems among kids and adults alike. They are so obsessed and engrossed with it that their normal lives suffer because of it.

Then there are the privacy concerns. This is so topical right now that it’s not worth going over it. Suffice to say that if you put private information on SM, it’s your fault. Nobody forced you. Did they trick you? Yes, possibly. But, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Vine was different. It was refreshing, positive, friendly, inspirational, motivational, funny and connected. And so if someone annoys you, what do you do? You ignore them. It was just not worth arguing with people, because the benefits that Vine brought to us were that great.

No wonder that so many people loved Vine, and no wonder that so many people cannot wait for v2 to launch.

Video by Anonymous on this subject (15:16):

Video by Paul Joseph Watson on this subject (9:39):


This is very true !! It may sound like I’m lying… but I sometimes wish I could just go a long while withoout feeling the need to tweet about what ever I’m thinking, or instagramming a picture of me at the beach.
And I completely agree with you on the fact that Vine just had that special quality that drew people to it… I can’t think of what it’s called… but Vine was definitely 100% unique

Okay let’s be honest. Vine is like every other social media platform. The only reason loads of people are excited for the launch is because the app died in the first place. If facebook shut down and was relaunching, there would be a lot of hype, 10x more than v2. If youtube shut down and relaunched, it would get a lot of hype, 100x more than v2. If Twitter shut down and relaunched, there would be a lot of hype, 50x more than v2, etc, you get the point. Vine wasn’t that different. +Nobody can blame social media for them not experiencing life to the fullest, it’s their choice to look at their phone. I’d also like to point out that I find it ironic that these ‘Stop looking at your phone, have fun in life’ type of videos/posts are ALL on social media, where people have to look at their screen to view it. And the people that make those posts are usually the ones that use their phones the most.


i have to agree with @Tyrellv2

blaming social media or technology for a lackluster life is only a cop out that’ll continue to keep you from living a life that makes you happy just like blaming the 1% for keeping one poor is nothing but a cop out. it’s easy to blame an external reason but it’s usually not the truth

social media and technology are two neutral things. the person behind it is what makes it. if you’re not willing to take control over your life, that’s literally on you and there’s nothing wrong with that either. if you want to be on social media all day, do whatever makes you happy! if you want to put your phone down, put it down lmfao

humans are always getting addicted to something and blaming whatever it is for keeping them down, meanwhile john down the street has the same thing but doesn’t allow it to control him or dictate his life.

Vine was definitely different though, I agree there!


Honestly, that’s true. In some ways it can promote violence, abuse and many other things and these people who post this disgusting content are able to get away with it with a small sanction. There needs to be a way in which all these posts will be removed from the app without many viewers seeing them.

IF I ever get famous I’m not coming down, I’ve worked hard and to have something you work hard for me talen from you is why ppl get mad

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