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Cool man I’ll follow you on da gram

Hey, we started posting daily content yesterday on Instagram (@ggalambas and @agalambas) and started using twitter more (@ggalambas and @agalambas). Will start uploading some videos soon!

Instagram: @jpmusicofficial

IG @damnitdc
Twitter @damnitdc

IG (underscore)tooturntalex(underscore)
Snapchat: alanandallen

Just FYI, there’s a larger thread where you could post and meet more people here: Whats everyones social media

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Thanks I didn’t notice but that one is under a different category

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I noticed it wasn’t categorized right and hopefully the original poster or a moderator will get it in the right place so no one misses out on promo :grinning:

Yeah hopefully :smile:

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hey guys my insta is @Lxbnaa and Twitter is @ Lxbna, I wanna support each other when this comes out so hmu!!

All social media @anthonybaroza

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Insta : fionawhitney_

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IG: @he.s.alex

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Intagtam and twitter: @Sofialopezos :purple_heart::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Y’all dope as hell for doing this stuff and I can tell this v2 community gonna be great. Hmu and I’ll follow y’all back!

Twitter and Instagram: @grantngrisham

Everyone go follow @VSociety on Instagram this is were all the artist are going chat about somethings and we can all follow each other

Follow @VSociety

Btw the gc is full atm so I need suggestions on another app that I can hold a HUGEE GC


IG: @emosadboy