So many young users

i guess it’s because i liked a lot of indie/alt content but my “my mix” page is showing me a ton of 13/14 year olds and even some 11 year olds, and it makes me really uncomfortable because i’m 23. it makes me want to stop using the app for a bit until more people join. i wish i could get on the older gen z/millennial side of byte :grimacing:


I would simply just not use your mix page. Mine is the same even though I’m an early adopter that rarely interacts with any children. The key is who you follow, there’s plenty of adults here.


But I thought nobody liked millennials :thinking:

The fact is they outnumber our demographic by probably 5-10x… I’m estimating. Their numbers tower over ours so they have the “popular” videos.

If you subscribe to trash or no upload you are going to get stuck with a lot of alt or alt-like content


you can peep some of the adults on here and follow a few you like or like some of their posts! might help you algorithm a bit!

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Hey millenial here. I mostly use tik tok. But I like the people ive followed on byte. Yeah I get what you mean. It’s uncomfy. Especially when they make really questionable content. On tik tok they usually filter out young young people for their version of “your mix” so you don’t usually see them except in comments.

I think most of the more adults from tik tok will head to reels or YouTube is what I’m hearing.
And a lot of the older people post longer education al content so they can’t fit it in the constraints.
I know one dude I follow he’s my age has an account here but he doesn’t post that often.

I’m 25. My solid attitude is that if it’s anything like a thirst trap, report it. (I’ve seen a couple kiddos tag videos of them badly dancing with that and I’m assuming they don’t. Understand the full implications of the term)
Otherwise, scroll by. Look in the categories of content you like, only like videos from adults.

Yep bound to happen! You’re gonna get the high schoolers, college students looking for something to watch on their break, and kids that stay at home and skip to just do random stuff! :joy: