So is Byte censoring riot/ protest imagery?

Just a question as I’ve loaded a byte with pictures of riot fires from various events over the years and I find it locked out from the feed.


Well that depends. Peaceful protests are fine as long as no laws are being broken, while riots are not to be on byte. Here is an incept of the guidelines regarding violence, and law on byte.

Follow your local laws. Hopefully this goes without saying, but we figured we’d say it anyway: If it’s illegal, it’s not allowed on byte. This can include, but isn’t limited to: offering to buy or sell firearms, ammunition, or explosives, and promoting the use of hard drugs or attempting to sell or distribute them.

Cruelty, violence, and hate have no place here.

Don’t harass or bully anyone on byte. Don’t target people to threaten, degrade, or shame them for any reason, but especially on the basis of their race, religion, gender, orientation, and/or ability. Don’t make demeaning comparisons.

Don’t promote hateful or extremist ideologies, as well as terrorism or terrorist groups. Don’t use hate speech or symbols like swastikas or white power hand signs.

Don’t post anything containing extreme graphic violence or gore, encouraging violence or attacks on anyone based on who they are, depicting or promoting spousal, child, or animal abuse.

We have zero tolerance when it comes to the mistreatment (sexual or otherwise) of intimate partners, children, and animals.

Don’t promote self injury, including but not limited to: suicide, cutting, and eating disorders. You may share your experiences to raise awareness or provide support around these issues, but be mindful not to glorify or encourage these behaviors in doing so.

Don’t participate in reckless stunts or challenges or encourage others to participate in dangerous activities that could lead to harm.

Hopefully, this helps!


no. can you link to the byte you’re talking about?


Well that’s interesting. Won’t event post as a link

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So not sure how to do that @dom

thanks for reporting this. the post has been restored and we are looking into it


Just strange


so I posted a video of a peaceful protest and it’s get hidden* twice?? what

there is an issue that we’re trying to resolve. again, we are pro-protest and removing footage of them is not our policy


this should be resolved in a few minutes