So i'm accepting my mental problems

so i recently got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression. at first i denied it and now i’ve accepted that this is me. i feel proud of my self.


I ACTUALLY want to get diagnosed with anxiety and depression but I can’t cuz of covid…


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That’s the first step to real growth, man. I’ve got ADHD and severe anxiety. There’s quite a few in this community dealing with the same problems. This app and community can be a great source of creative therapy if used wisely. We’re here for you!


Proud of you too! The first step towards helping yourself and managing mental health problems is accepting that it’s real and you are struggling with them❤


Have you tried video call therapy sessions? Psychiatrists might not be able to do much over video calls or phone calls rn but counselors and therapists are offering video sessions a few places I’ve noticed so that’s an probably the best option rn

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Just remember that if you have anxiety and whether you’re diagnosed or not, the biggest lie that you’ll hear is that you’re alone in your depression.
We are here to help you.
I’m here to help you.
Believe me, I’ve gone through quite a lot that has shaped my mental health. So if you’re feeling down and need someone to talk to, feel free to DM me in the forums, Discord, Instagram, or Twitter. :blush:


You’re the man @RodinBoi I hope we can be of some help

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Hellooo and welcome!

As a quadruple threat with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and OCD I can definitely confirm acceptance is a huge step towards healing and growth. Another huge step is reaching out to others and building up a good support network- which you’ve clearly begun! Proud of you and here for you if you need to chat. :seedling:


I’ve found that so much of the community has ADHD (me too) which sort of validates to me the idea that having ADHD, a lot of the time, helps when it comes to creativity and coming up with ideas. I’ve read a lot of articles on it as well and there definitely seems to be a correlation which I think makes sense. Just cool to see there are so many people in the community with ADHD too since personally I don’t know anyone close to me irl who also has it. And it’s definitely been something that has made school and my personal life very difficult at times, but I like to think it has some pros like the creativity and hyperfocus🙂