So I reached the day's like limit for my level

I just have so much love to give. :pensive:


Is there a limit?

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Yeah, it depends on your trust level.

Wanna know a secret?~

Tell me :open_mouth:

Check your messages.
Reply to discobot with this:

@_discobot start advanced user

Yeah, I did that one already. Thanks though!! :sunglasses:

Oh, I get it now, you have to wait for a period of time (possibly a week) to become “member” status. That way you’ll be able to use a few more likes in a day.

So how many likes can you give in a day?

Love is all around

That topic has a lot of info on Trust Levels, and limits

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Thank you!

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You will get the badge soon, there’s always a delay on that badge for some reason