So I made a YouTube channel. Check me out if you want 🤷🏽‍♂️ Still kinda crappie tho if you have any advice pls lett me know

Overall it’s alright. I can watch through all the videos and even liked one of them.

I think like that there shouldn’t be music during the skits as it doesn’t match the mood/tone (unless it’s intentionally matching what’s happening in the skit).

Was occasionally hard to hear because of the music playing during the skits too.

You could also try not to reveal the jokes to much. In the “always late friend” video, I liked it but I would have enjoyed a lot more if the scenes weren’t completely revealed before the skit even started. (Show but don’t tell.)

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand what you’re saying but English may be your second language so I guess that will improve over time :wink:

Lastly, comments are disabled in the “always late friend” video. Should always be enabled imo (unless there’s abuse)

Keep it up! This is a decent start :ok_hand:

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