So I Have A TV Animation Show Idea

Its in the works right now, ive been writing some pilot episodes to see what i can do. im on my second but im going to try to write 5 so i can prove to myself i can make a good TV show. Here’s a little read or introduction thing i made when i was abit asleep last night, hopefully i can get some feedback and if you want to know more about it go ahead and ask me! :smiley:

The Toles Family are a a mere mortal heroes that go exploring the land around them known as Topsitol, fighting off mosters, making friends and enemies, and finding out more hidden secrets of the past of what has happened to the land around them.
Jordan, the brave older sister, whos a strong stern fighter who isnt afraid of anything, Liam, the curious younger brother with a prosthetic arm, who tries to find the nicest out of people, possibly abit too naive at times, and the dad, Mr Toles, who supports them along the way and keeps them all together and takes care of them throughout everything. They help eachother out on their adventures, where it seems that the land of Topistol and the citizens around them have forgotten most about their past, and so has anyone else that isnt young or in their teens. They find clues about what has happened, and try to hopefully vanquish the evil out of their land, as they find some interesting people along the way, some good, some bad, some so-so. Will they ever find answers to their past, and will they also find out the most important question to the Toles; who and where is their mother? Come along and hop on by this epic quest of a kick butt family if you so do desire to find out more!

Yeah uh thats about it. if you wanna know more about what im working on go ahead and ask or if you have any criticism go ahead. Anyways that is all for now bye qts :slight_smile:


gives me some Over the Garden Wall vibes! This seems intriguing…


Super interesting!


This sounds really amazing! I do have a few questions.

What variety of monsters do they face? Is Liam’s need for a prosthetic arm a character trait alone, or is it going to be tied into the plot somewhere along the way? Are there any cities in or around Topistol, or is everything just spread out? And at this point do you see the plot extending beyond restoring everyone’s memories and the Toles finding their mother, potentially?

Really intriguing plot, I like it. Happy writing!


Keep working. Don’t stop. :clap:t3:


Hello, im glad you wanted to ask some questions :smiley:

  1. They meet basically generic monsters in the beginning, cyclops, minotaur, some giants, bad centaurs, gorgons, Ichthyocentaurs (water centaurs). The great thing abour greek mythology is how there are so much different monsters that you can draw up or make ideas for, even if theyre ridiculously weird, you can put some creative spin on them. So yeah, mostly anything.
  2. Theres a side character that ties into Liam’s prosethic arm who used to be a good friend of the dad, but turned insane because of his obsession. because of this the family doesnt try to hurt him even when they need to stop him from doing something bad. Its also a characteristic since he would feel different from other people and is abit ashamed about it at first but then realised he’s different but in the best way of all because he has a cool as heck arm, making him proud of it sooner or later.
  3. This is something im having slight trouble on. Im mostly trying to design a map that looks similar to Greece but i also want it to be destroyed in a way but still beautiful. Like if i made a city it would probably be tarnished. But it would mostly be of towns and kingdoms that are spread out but not like extremely far, but ill really hopecto tie that in somewhere when theyre looking for clues.
  4. Yes, im hoping so. I have some ideas in the making with some plots to always keep the show with some sort of question that will be answered sooner or later. Like motivations or finding out something new, a new character, huge enemies, armies, etc. I always love trying to write something new that’s intriguing, and i get alot of inspiration from shows like adventure time and star vs the forces of evil that they have something new or hinted at early in a season and throw it somewhere with old characters and stories from the past that keep the plot going, or when they come back to something and its gone to a complete mess. So yes definitely more plot stuff that im already trying to work on :slight_smile:
    Thank you so much for asking these questions btw, it means alot! Im happy to answer anything else you need or if theres something youre confused on what i said, just write back! Have a good day !

Totally awesome!!! The character development is a nice touch.
You’re right about drawing from the Greeks, there’s a lot to work with. And AT and Star vs. are both really good, they’re two of my faves as well! Thank you for answering my questions. You seem like you’re having a lot of fun with this. Keep up the good work!


This is awesome! I’m an actress so if this ever becomes produced, I’d love to audition to voiceover a character ! (Ex: Jordan :wink:)


Dude!!! I think a cool idea (inspired from a cool game called undertale) would to be to give the monsters their own stories and ambitions, you know? Why do they do what they do, are they like normal people, what do they enjoy, what’s the point of their life etc.

Also, there’s a game called hyper-light drifter which has a pretty cool dystopian setting, albeit it’s a bit futuristic. I recc these as some cool references!


By stories like backstories? Either way im sure i can try to do that. I already did it with a group of monsters, it sortof explained what was going on and their ambitions and explained how these sort of creatures do what they do any why and its mostly because theyre raised to be fighters. But yeah ill be able to make reasonings what their ambitions and whats the point they are doing all of this for, i love when shows actually do that :slight_smile: if you mean full on episodes, its an interesting concept i can try to work on. Of course it would be abit hard to do but it would be interesting to see stuff from their point of view for an episode or so, it would be a good way to learn for me. So yes ill be able to try all of that and i really hope i can. And ill check out the hyper game, i love trying to get some inspiration from stuff!!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Nice! also btw the smaller stuff always counts, don’t forget


This sounds pretty cool. Btw, Are you planning to have it 3D animated or 2D?


3D animations normally really take away from the enviroment from me when it comes to a tv show. Im really hoping for a 2D animation type of show!