So I Got An Hour to Write But Here It Goes

The Beginning
I remember first joining the forums was pretty cool ngl. I maybe stalked the forums the whole month of April before actually making my account lol. It was pretty cool saw some active people i remember arf, yoshr and yoshidas were all really chill people. Then i remember the fun of Dom postponing the app literally the next day lol. But for some reason that didnt stop my hype or discourage me from liking v2 at all. Even in the summer the forums werent that active but all i had going for me was the forums, my summer english class and watching the world cup. :pleading_face: :sneezing_face: so i really enjoyed my first few months even tho there wasnt much to look forward to.

Fall Was Fun Times
I remember Dom came back and said he’d start working on the app again and he even made the beta signups i remember being like the 36th person to sign up for beta. And i remember getting expert in October pog those were some real fun times. I remember joining the byte server too lol remembering that mirror pics and selfie channel lol. I remember more and more signups starting to happen to around December. I remember getting active in the discord around that time too lol. Everyone hyped for bytemas lol.

well… that was a rough start my house flooded the beginning of the year lol. Being sick and having a wet house didnt help but being on the discord cheered me up a lot. :moji23: I remember having convos with @norloth about waffles lol. Those were fun times and i remember joining vc with Cark, Oren, Alex and Ramo lol. And Alex thinking Scotland had the German flag hehe i felt i got to know some people better through the discord who i only kind of knew on the v2 forums. Then I remember that iconic email. aaaaaaaaa i got in to be a beta tester for the first wave. Remembering being better than everyone and those memes on here that @flo made about how were better than everyone cause we got beta first which is true tho lol :blep: with the iconic @yash I remember the hype and getting super active on the forums that time and i then remember going to central america in the summer making me dip from the forums lol. (this was my closest shot to viewing the forums 365 days lol)

The Final Beta
I remember the final beta and how this one was the one where we got to keep our names for release and i finally decided on @defsnotdevyn i remember seeing all the hype and new people and the last wave of beta was just one of those things you had to be there to experience i cant explain it but that 3rd wave was like living in a perfect society in the year 3000 lol. I remember the forums were hyped i remember the beta channels on the server and forums were lit and i remember so much more.

Byte Is Out
I remember on the discord Ben saying that and no one believing it or thinking it was a joke until we all checked. The forums and discord went crazy. It was so shocking to literally everyone and the amount of post being flooded was unreal. Ngl as an expert it was a little hard to keep up with that it was like 200 new post a day lol. All the cool people who stayed and went still hold a special place in my heart regardless.

^ shoutout to the ones who joined around release and stayed you know who you are but you are the real GOATs and it’s lovely meeting all of you, truly.

Spring 2020
this will be short but even in the discouraged state of the app it was nice still being hyped 4 byte. Ngl the forums were pretty cool to use still tho. Some entertaining stuff still happened.

shoutout to #off-topic for being the backbone of this forums tho. we love you and we will miss you.

Summer 2020
wow. what a way to through an entire community off gaurd am i right? i knew the us government considering shutting down tiktok would give us a good chance of giving people new home on byte but wasnt expecting it to go this way lol. The forums went crazy. So many new people, tiktokers, gen z v millennial post and ngl i was out of the loop for a lot of it nor did i understand what anyone was saying lol. I also remember the strangeness of /mooptopia and @The_Ginger making the forums the most entertaining its been for a while. Adding more seconds to bytes and /mooptopia were 2 peak times on the forums. As the current saying goes “you had to be there”. Was sad when the partner program got yeeted tho it let so many good byters discouraged and walk away same goes for the realization that tiktok is here to stay. But that was definitely an interesting summer on the forums.

Fall, Winter and Now
The forums and the app felt “like an empty shopping mall” as @onkelchrispy it was pretty depressing ngl. It was nice to see some still had/have hope for the future despite getting no update at all from cami and staff on what is going on with the app. I remember even when Dom made his annoucement that the app was sold to clash and the forums shutdown i remember after the first 3 days the forums felt like a graveyard and by that i mean not dead but its after the funeral and maybe a few people will try to say their goodbyes and visit still but the vast majority of people are gone. {[(Also poggers that 's the first time ive used the word vast in my life)]} Thankfully in the past 3ish days many have comeback to say their goodbyes and a few have moved to the blurple forums our new v2 forums lol. Thanks everyone for this mass nostalgia orgy and i cant wait to see whatever it is we all do in our futures and maybe we will meet again some day. Love you all immensely. :heart:

i wanna tag @ everyone but that is not possible due to the me being here who knows how long to do so thank you everyone. and thank you @dom and @michael for being 2 kewl staff members. :sunglasses: :ok_hand:



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I’m so glade I’ve had the opportunity to meet you and also a lot of other people.

Thanks to this adventure, I’ve made friendships, that I’m pretty sure, will last for a long long long time :heart:
Love you Dev :heart::heart::heart:

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I enjoyed the vc convos and random off topic threads so much and all the hype around the app It’s been a great journey and even though the forums are shutting down it’s not over.

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