So I got a TikTok account, and here’s what happened

WARNING: might have some petty feelings in this one.

About a couple of weeks ago I decided to go ahead and get the app. Made an account, and started uploading my bytes on the platform. I kid you not, two of the posts I uploaded ended up getting more views then I thought they would.

So why am I bringing this up?

Cause I’m still using Byte.

Well, even though they blew up, people used it for their own videos. Without proper credit where credit is due. The TikTok with the most likes, their caption said “Not my sound ok so shush” and I know I sound petty for this, but no one takes the time to look at who made the sound before making the video (Except for one person, she gets a pass) So whenever I look at the video, it would have people dueting the video with the guy who has the most likes. And that just doesn’t feel right to me.

That and it just reminds me that there are people on TikTok who might feel the same way (even though I might not make sense when you read this) and why some people from TikTok moved here.

I jump back into byte every day, because I see originality, I see stuff that makes me feel happy and at home. So long post short, I am making more bytes, and less tiktoks. Oh, and these are the bytes in question that blew up.

Byte 1:
Byte 2:


No you’re not petty for that. There’s always been credit issue on TikTok I don’t know why it’s so hard just to tag the creator. If you do want credit if you do post on tiktok again I suggest putting it in your caption that if you reuse the sound just to give a quick tag.