So how did people join jan 14th if forums opened 17th...?

So I’ve been looking at peoples profiles stalking just joking, and they’ve apparently been on here since jan 14th and most of them were invited by don but some of them weren’t and I’m trying to figure out how they got on here early.

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hackers lol

Yea you could sign up. Dom provided a link on his twitter.

Really? The forums opened in jan 17th though… I didn’t see a link dang it

Same I didn’t see one either !!

There was a small amount of people invited by Dom, and then about 30 minutes later he opened the sign ups for the forums for about 5 minutes and a bunch of people got on then. He tweeted that it happened so if you had tweet notifications on you would have seen it but he deleted the tweet later

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I saw a notification for it and when I clicked it it had already been deleted. Rip.

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Ohhhhh got it

Some people were given access by dom to test out the forums