SnapTok Change

Idk if anyone else uses snap but I’ve just got this update and

Is there something going on with social media companies? (Yeah Ik I’m complaining about something minor but still a pretty annoying inconvenience)


happens all the time. One platform releases a feature that makes it popular and all the other platforms follow suit. They did this when live streaming was a thiing


Tik tok was also at risk of getting shut down so all the social media companies worked real fast to be ready to replace it.

I’m kinda interested to use this snap update actually as a Creator. I like snap a lot so we’ll see what happens

Let Snapchat off at least. Literally EVERYBODY stole stories from them :rofl:


this is…disgusting

all of these social media companies are making me lose my will. i’ll never understand why they can’t be original with anything. i’m not one to hop on bandwagons

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Tiktok is modeled after Vine… guess who created Byte… the same person who created Vine. :woozy_face: :clown_face:

yep, all of these short video apps/features are because of :vine:. i wonder what the world would be like if vine never existed


Good Question :thinking:

Found a perfect loop

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You’re very correct man!:joy::joy::joy: