Snapchat, V*** and V2

Right before vine shut down they were trying to update it so more people would use it and now thats whats happening to snapchat. Thats why that update happened on snapchat. Snapchat is losing money because less people are using it so they changed it so we would use it more and we would watch the explore page more. How do you think we should stop that from happening to V2 and help out snapchat.


I hate Snapchat’s new update, I do not understand it and it’s horrible.
The best way for this to not happen with V2 is for famous users to not leave the app, and for there to be ways to generate money, either through ads or paid subscriptions.


I’m on Android and I caught a glimpse of the new update however it’s back to the original thank the lawd

V2 can put ads in between vines (for lack of a better word) like Insta, Facebook, and Twitter. Why the old V*ne didn’t do that idk.


Yeah simple but effective