Snapchat opinions

In light of the new and awful Snapchat update, do you think they should’ve changed the discover page from random celebrities and ads to your friends stories? I made this mockup as an example using my phone. I think they need to implement discovering new creators in a better way and put our contacts first. image

I definitely think it should be your friends stories who are featured first. I wish it was just like your mockup instead of how it is now

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The only thing I necessarily like is the new chat window. With the bitmojis bigger and stuff. The whole story in the chat is too cluttered.

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I rarely use snapchat, now I’m even more confused :laughing:

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I like what dhom did. Just move all the stories to the top. My idea to add to this is to make the discover page a little similar to instagrams

(pic was posted by dom on twitter)


i really don’t like how they used “popular” stories. i loved scrolling through my friends stories and only looking at my closest friends. now snapchat is making me watch my most popular friends.

Yes please, With the update I lost the desire to use it

I think the little stories preview that they have one the friends page should be a preview for the snap people are sending you. That would’ve made more. sense.