Small Content Creator

I know I very rarely post on here, but I’ve been wondering… what is a small content creator?

I’ve been wondering if there are certain brackets or criteria that people on byte fit to be considered a “small” content creator.

For instance, would a person that has many views, but low amount of followers be considered a small content creator? Or vice versa.

I looked around the forums a bit to see if it was addressed by anyone else, and couldn’t find much of anything.

My goal isn’t to isolate byters into a lower/higher range, but I also don’t want to false claim saying something that I’m not.

(These are just my thoughts and I’d appreciate looking through to see yours on it as well, so thanks for reading through💯)


Sure, let me give this a shot. So I’ve been here since day 1, and these are my thoughts - if anyone else wants to chime in that would be good. Again, this is my opinion.

There are a few things to measure “size of creator”.

  • Total loops
  • Total follower count
  • Active followers
  • Engagement (in particular - likes/comments on your latest videos)

Not an exhaustive list.

The thing is, a lot of people who started day 1 would have amassed a massive amount of loops and follower counts. Some people hit 1 million loops in a day, that probably wouldn’t be able to happen now. They also got a whole bunch of followers who never opened the app again. Obviously not to take away from their achievements, but this just doesn’t help them in the present.

My opinion for “big” these days is the frequency at which you hit the top of the popular page. People call me “big”, I have a few videos that have gone viral, but I am still under 1k followers. Does this make me small or big? I don’t know.

But if you look at people like senorpequenos, snackteam, mynameiskawena, jenandkat, UtzDude, MegaByte, charliecooper (yeah ok i watch a lot of people) where they are consistently hitting the top of popular (which is where the active followers come in), I would call these guys big.

So by this logic, I would say someone who is able to hit let’s say top 5 or top 10 on popular for a few hours a few times a week or like 7/10 of their last videos did this, then I’d classify them as big (all of these numbers are approximations, just trying to show you the stats that I’m looking at).

I’ve been able to hit top 5 or top 10 let’s say 8 of my last 50 videos. That’s not consistent enough for me to think I’m “big”.


Since @Lacieyl answered your question i’ll say this.

Everyone is a small content creator on Byte. How I define someone who isn’t / qualified is anyone who has (e.g. mass following/influence/engagement in the millions) – byte is small so I consider everyone small content creator or “creator on the rise”


Thanks for making my post null and void 'cause you’re technically right.

Expect a lawsuit in the morning.


Flipping the W to M :pleading_face::point_right:t4::point_left:t4:


If only I could put multiple solutions


Brother you are not a small content creator I have seen you in popular page :clinking_glasses:


compared to every one on byte i’m a small creator, but compared to people in my school i’m big

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I’ve never known I made it to popular page :hushed:

That’s how it was for me too before isolation

I’m a small content creator, devontaeQ is a small content creator, what dictates a small cc is regular likes comments and following

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