Slim shady

Does anyone want a modern day shady ? I think the millenials should have their own shady rapper but I think it would open up many people’s eyes…thoughts?

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Problem is since he is so big everyone would get compared to him, and why listen to someone like him when you can listen to the ‘real’ thing.


Thank you man that’s an excellent point.

What’s a slim shady? I only know that Eminem had a song named slim shady

kinda like he said above^, too many would try to compete with the original Slim Shady. there is NF, he’s kinda like Eminem.

Slim Shady was one of Eminem’s nicknames/pseudonyms

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Ooh okay, thanks for clearing that up.

No worries :slight_smile:

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Slim Shady The Fucking Amo!

Slim Shady was Eminems more violent kinda character
he got into to rap about effed up/violent stuff.

Nowadays we got dudes like XXXtentacion etc. who go for that thing and take it to the extreme just without the wordplay and punchlines that Em/Slim used.