Slight issue with the byte texts function

So I have been using/testing out the text function for a while on my bytes, and at fist I was confused on how to use it, but now I’m slowly learning as it’s just easy to understand and to work-around.

I did a motivational message byte (because I felt so) and of course the texts were lengthy as I would like to emphasize the message that I want to say. At first, putting subtitles was “not a plan” but I did it because why not.

Anyways, back to the point.

First Attempt: I did the byte and put a lot of editing on the texts such as durations, sizes, placings, etc. Then, when I posted it. The sizes and timing was there, but the position of the texts isn’t. They’re all in the middle while I put them all on the upper part and they were not correctly aligned.

So I have to do it again, and at the second time, it went well, but the size and alignment kinda went off a bit but it’s just minor.

Just reporting a bug on the text function because I enjoy using it lately. Thanks :kissing_heart: