Sleeping is hard

Since quarantine started I have been struggling to go back to my regular sleeping schedule. I have been waking up at 5pm and going to bed at 6am. Does anybody else have the same problem or have ways to fix my god awful sleeping schedule :sleeping:


I feel this, daily struggle atm.

You gotta get up 15 minutes earlier each day; it may seem tempting to just pull an all nighter to “reset” your schedule, but all this will do is give you mega inertia. Gradually knock it back by 15 minutes (you can go lower if you want, but I don’t recommend a bigger jump up than this) but crucially, you have to stick to it.

You know what? I may even follow my own advice! :joy:


Also, get some sunlight everyday :sunny:

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I always wake up at 7. Doesn’t seem to matter when I go to bed :man_shrugging:t2: Currently don’t need a sleeep schedule though.


Routinize your daily activities. Keeping a routine helps keeping your sleep schedule on track.


this is definitely not recommended but I shocked myself with an absurd amount of exercise after months of pretty much no activity and I slept SO GOOD that same night, way earlier than I usually had been sleeping too. so you could try that?

but then I ruined it the next night cos I wanted to watch The Emperor’s New Groove on Disney+ LOL


Uh, I have ZERO good advice…because when I screw up, I just pull an “all nighter” (which is technically and all day-er) and then pray that I don’t suffer too greatly from the effects that follow (and by that I mean that I don’t suffer from my body demanding more sleep because I chose the route of deprivation).


This. I still end up waking up at the same time I use to when I had to get everyone up for school and work. It’s the only time I get silence and can move freely without anyone needing something.

Also I consume a lot of cannabis. :woman_shrugging:t2:

*i am forum dumb and don’t know how to edit properly.

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Usually I just stay up until a normal time to sleep hits - this helped when I did some international travel in high school, and when I pulled all nighters in college. Is it the healthiest? Apparently that’s debatable - but it gets fast results

The trick though, is that you need to stay on that schedule once you reset. Have a consistent time you need to wake up, and then determine a consistent time to go to sleep based on hour many hours you want to get. No matter what, get in bed and go to sleep at the decided time, and eventually you’ll naturally get tired around that time. If not, maybe you’re getting too much/little sleep - in which case adjust the times accordingly

A daily routine is the most helpful for life in general, but since we’re talking sleep specifically, you can accomplish the same effect with just a wind-down routine. Simply choose something to do for about an hour before your chosen bed time, and do that consistently.
This gives you an something to look forward to, as well as sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to get ready for sleep - and by the time you’re done with whatever it is, you’re tired!
For example, I watch one episode of a specific show that I only watch when I’m going to sleep. It forces me to get ready for sleep about an hour beforehand, and I want to do so, because I want to watch the show (like a reward system, almost).

Additionally, reserve your bed for sleeping only . Brains are heavily pattern-environment based - so similarly to the wind-down routine, if the only thing you use your bed for is sleeping, your brain will be more inclined to do so. Conversely, if you do all your normal life stuff from your bed, it loses its subconscious significance.

Of course, despite being tired, I have a really hard time actually falling asleep. I started taking melatonin and it helps a lot. I fall asleep easier and I feel more rested in the morning.

Of course, if none of anyone’s advise helps you, and there’s no external variables preventing sleep, then it’s possible you have some degree of insomnia or something like that - at which point it might be worth consulting with someone with more authority / knowledge than some strangers on an Internet forum.

Sounds like it was worth it :joy:

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Personally I have struggled with this most of my life not just during this time and I have had to do a number of things. Yes, you will get the routine thing down. Have you tried writing down a list of 100 inspiring and world changing Byte ideas? hahahahaha. Your Byte work is great Wifi. I wake up at 4:30 AM. Are you really still up?

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